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Safety, Support, Strength | Art Journal

I made an art journal spread recently, starting on it when I was feeling really frustrated, working on it intermittently, and ending it when I felt especially grateful to my near & dear ones for being there for me. I started the page with some scribble journaling, which I planned to cover up. I pasted… Continue reading Safety, Support, Strength | Art Journal

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Blossom for Your Own Joy | Art Journal

It's Inspiration Station time! (This is where my sis and I throw themes at each other to inspire our creative sessions.) The theme this time was from my sister, who came up with a much better tic tac toe board than I did last time. My project uses the rightmost vertical line of elements -… Continue reading Blossom for Your Own Joy | Art Journal

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Flowers and Hope | Art Journal

I'd created some good gel-print negatives and ghost prints in a gel-printing session recently, but I just couldn't figure out how to work further with the prints. Finally, I just decided to create without worrying how. The result - this spread: I pulled this gel-print from the negative of my stencil. I used watercolors on… Continue reading Flowers and Hope | Art Journal

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Find the Love… | Art Journal

A gel print that I made recently in my art journal had, in my opinion, become unsalvageable, so I overwrote it with a completely different spread. I made this A6 spread over multiple days - I'd fallen ill and I wanted something to feel good about. (I've recovered now.) So the page started out with… Continue reading Find the Love… | Art Journal

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Flutter | Mixed Media Tag

I have these pretty Craftangles decoupage papers in my stash, which I'd been wanting to use for a while. I didn't want to completely obscure them by using them as scrapbook / art-journal backgrounds, nor did I want to use them for decoupage. (I still haven't gotten into decoupage.) The moment finally arrived when I… Continue reading Flutter | Mixed Media Tag

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Letters | Art Journal

As a welcome distraction from the Valentine's madness of hearts and candies, Jennifer from the Art Elements team came up with the theme of Letters - which can be interpreted in many different ways, romantic or otherwise. It's inspiring how a tiny letter is the building block for a word, a paragraph, an epic. How… Continue reading Letters | Art Journal

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Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

It's time for another We're All Ears challenge! For February's theme, Erin has drawn inspiration from artist Jon Foreman (aka Sculpt the World) who creates ephemeral land art. (Do check out his fantastic creations sometime!) I read about the artist and checked out his work, and what resonated with me (other than the beauty of… Continue reading Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears