I didn’t wear much jewelry when I was younger; I kinda grew into it. Later, when I started looking at how jewelry is made (that’s the geeky side of me showing itself), hand-made jewelry caught my interest. I first became fascinated with paper jewelry, which I learned about when I was researching papier mâché. Then, since I’m also into crocheting, I came across wire crochet. After trying that, there was no looking back. There’s just such a variety of jewelry and so many techniques of jewelry making present now — so much to learn and get inspiration from. Creating jewelry from beads, charms and wire has become, if not my obsession, at least a source of relaxation and happiness. I don’t own fancy equipment yet, and will probably not do so for a long, long time, but making do with what one has is a fun challenge in itself! 😉

And now, I’ve created this blog to jot down my experiments and mishaps, and the results thereof, in jewelry making.

10 thoughts on “About

    1. As long as your photography and other interests keep you happy! 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll find some time for jewelry making once in a while, if not very frequently.

      (And thank you for the follow.)


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