Mandalas New and Old

I mentioned last month that I'd come across Zentangle and its concepts while I was looking for inspiration to redo an old mandala-ish piece. I thought I'd go into some detail into this mandala. A long time ago (I promise this is not a fairy tale 😉 ), before I'd even heard of drawing as… Continue reading Mandalas New and Old

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Pursue Your Dreams

[Challenge win: Top rocker at 613 Avenue Create challenge] Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - Like it sometimes happens, this spread had a lot of misses going on, but in spite of that, it turned out okay in the end. I started the spread by trying out a ghost print from a… Continue reading Pursue Your Dreams

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Dabbling in Doodling

Late last year, I was looking for mandala inspirations since I wanted to redo a mandala-ish creation from a long time ago to better resemble a mandala, symmetry and all. During my search, I came across the concept of Zentangle. While I like the structure and symmetry that is naturally a part of drawing mandalas,… Continue reading Dabbling in Doodling

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Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - I started the spread with a background, by pouncing acrylics over a stencil. I also used a bit of stamping using dye inks over this, and added some quick acrylics brush strokes. For the focal image, I used a die over multiple layers of paper. I… Continue reading Beauty

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Small Things, Big Differences

[Challenge win: Top rocker at 613 Avenue Create challenge][Challenge win: Favorite at Happy Little Stampers Stencil challenge] It's Inspiration Station time again! (This is where my sister and I throw themes at each other for inspiration, and make art.) It's been a while since our previous post, but I'm glad we're still on. This time's… Continue reading Small Things, Big Differences

Mixed media

Mixed Media Frame

I recently finished stitching a Halloween cross-stitch piece, and thought it'd be fun to make a Halloween-themed mixed media frame for it. The stitched area is pretty small--14cm x 21cm (approx. 5.5in x 8in) , so for the frame to not overwhelm the stitching, I kept the frame fairly narrow, and any ornamentation to a… Continue reading Mixed Media Frame

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Happy Diwali

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Inktober 2021 Doodles

Continuing my Zentangle-inspired doodles for Inktober from my previous update, I now have a mini-book filled with fun shapes! I continued to use gel pens for the initial drawings, and for the shading, color pencils coupled with a blending tool, and watercolor pencils with a water brush pen. Along the way, I discovered that some… Continue reading Inktober 2021 Doodles

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Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

I've been doodling every day this month, inspired by Inktober. I made a small, square, soft-bound book specifically for this activity, and have been enjoying drawing Zentangle-inspired doodles in it. I used plain kettle stitch to assemble the signatures, and adhered pattern paper to form the front and back covers. I use gel pens for… Continue reading Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

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Believe in You

Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - I started this spread by applying gesso over the pages, followed by modeling paste through a stencil. I applied acrylics and spritzed water over them to make the paint lightly pool around the textured areas. I then followed it up with some stamping using dye inks.… Continue reading Believe in You