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Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

It's time for another We're All Ears challenge! For February's theme, Erin has drawn inspiration from artist Jon Foreman (aka Sculpt the World) who creates ephemeral land art. (Do check out his fantastic creations sometime!) I read about the artist and checked out his work, and what resonated with me (other than the beauty of… Continue reading Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

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Own Your Dreams | Mixed Media Tag

I made a mixed media tag over a few days recently, inspired by the moodboard on Mixed Media Place. My usual inclination is to work on my projects in one go, while I'm in the zone. This works amazingly well for art journal pages, but not for bigger or more involved projects, like mixed media… Continue reading Own Your Dreams | Mixed Media Tag

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Henna on Blue Earrings | We’re All Ears

A brand new year means checking out Colors of the Year from various sources. 🙂 And the We're All Ears January challenge has done exactly that - Erin provided a list of Colors of 2020, and asked us to base our earrings on one or more of these colors. The colors are: Classic Blue -… Continue reading Henna on Blue Earrings | We’re All Ears

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Mini Book | Inspiration Station, CJS-2020

It's Inspiration Station time! My sister come up with the theme for this round of our creative sessions. She picked two pictures, and we had to use just one of the pictures as inspiration. Of course, ideas popped up for both 🙂 but I decided to use the one on the right, since I own… Continue reading Mini Book | Inspiration Station, CJS-2020

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Ruby Steel Earrings | We’re All Ears

It's time for yet another We're All Ears challenge. Erin had an interesting theme this month - names from a random name generator! She generated a list of names for us to choose from; or, she said, we could generate names on our own. And make earrings that suit the name. For my earrings, I… Continue reading Ruby Steel Earrings | We’re All Ears


Leafy Ring Dishes | Art Elements

I almost don't remember when I last played in the monthly challenges hosted by the Art Elements team. Challenge host for this month, Caroline, chose the theme Foliage, and I was sure I wouldn't find much time for creativity this month either. Then somehow, in the eleventh hour, I did find an opportunity to play… Continue reading Leafy Ring Dishes | Art Elements

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Polka Dot Earrings | We’re All Ears

It feels like it's been ages since I made earrings! And then, Erin announced her theme for the We're All Ears challenge of September, and it looked just too fun to not give a shot. The theme? Dotty. Or more specifically, polka dots. I have been trying to bring more bling to things I make.… Continue reading Polka Dot Earrings | We’re All Ears