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Be You | Art Journal

I've been drawing and coloring more in my art journal spreads lately, and it's interesting to observe colors play with one another, and how one medium affects another. For the background of this spread, I mainly used the paint lifting technique and acrylics pouncing. The acrylics are metallic, so the checks in the background shine… Continue reading Be You | Art Journal

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Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

It's Inspiration Station time! (This is where my sis and I work on our respective creative projects based on themes that we think of.) It was my turn this time to come up with a theme, and I chose a modified version of a picture that I'd clicked of my sister's alcohol ink experiments. All… Continue reading Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

Mixed media

Own Your Dreams | Mixed Media Tag

I made a mixed media tag over a few days recently, inspired by the moodboard on Mixed Media Place. My usual inclination is to work on my projects in one go, while I'm in the zone. This works amazingly well for art journal pages, but not for bigger or more involved projects, like mixed media… Continue reading Own Your Dreams | Mixed Media Tag

Art journal · Mixed media

Kindness Unto All Creatures | Art Journal

Ah, time for a good ol' art journal page! After my trials with mixed media tags and ATCs, I just wanted to enjoy the incomparable fun that only playing with an art journal can provide. And I ended up with this - While working mostly on vertical A5 pages for my self-imposed challenge - 100… Continue reading Kindness Unto All Creatures | Art Journal

Mixed media

Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag

When I started dabbling with art journaling late last year,  I ended up making some tags as well. I loved the small work surface of tags, and how I could just use up clay components I've already created, or just whip up bake up a component or two quickly (which is great use for scrap… Continue reading Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag

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100 Days | Bookbinding

I've finally wrapped up my 100 days of art sessions. Literally - by binding all the art journal pages into a book! I mentioned last time that I hadn't thought of the covers earlier, so I got an extra session from making the covers for the book. I used a single sheet to make both… Continue reading 100 Days | Bookbinding

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100 Days | Art Journal (4)

More results from my goal of helping my creative mojo by making stuff (mostly art journal pages) for a hundred days - The flowers page was made by covering up a split gelprint that I really didn't know where to go with - inspired by the cover-up technique by Amber Creative. Now I want to… Continue reading 100 Days | Art Journal (4)