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I did some bookbinding recently to create an art journal - one with empty pages this time, so it's a brand new book ready for use! This journal is of my preferred A6 size. I cut out A5 sheets from a drawing book, which I then folded into half for A6 pages. I used a… Continue reading Bookbinding

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Have Fun | Art Journal

[Challenge win: Top rocker at 613 Avenue Create challenge][Challenge win: Winner at A Bit More Time To Craft challenge] An art journal spread that I made recently - I brushed the background with acrylics, then stamped using acrylic paints - I really like the watercolor-like effect this produces. I then used scrap paper from previous… Continue reading Have Fun | Art Journal

Mixed media

Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag

When I started dabbling with art journaling late last year,  I ended up making some tags as well. I loved the small work surface of tags, and how I could just use up clay components I've already created, or just whip up bake up a component or two quickly (which is great use for scrap… Continue reading Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag

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Opposite Earrings

Another PCA-inspired project this time -- an earring pair with the stripes in one running in a direction opposite to the other. The course that inspired me is Embellished veneer cabochons by Debbie Crothers. Debbie teaches how to make cabochons by applying multiple veneers, created using various techniques, onto a surface. A key component in… Continue reading Opposite Earrings

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Scrappy earrings

Scrappy because they are made of fabric scraps and look disorganized as well. I tore out strips from unused brown/black fabric, and cut some pieces of leftover brown yarn from my old knitting projects. I made two hoops from silver-colored wire. I created each hoop this way -- first, I made a loop about 1cm… Continue reading Scrappy earrings