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Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

It's time for another We're All Ears challenge! For February's theme, Erin has drawn inspiration from artist Jon Foreman (aka Sculpt the World) who creates ephemeral land art. (Do check out his fantastic creations sometime!) I read about the artist and checked out his work, and what resonated with me (other than the beauty of… Continue reading Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

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Own Your Dreams | Mixed Media Tag

I made a mixed media tag over a few days recently, inspired by the moodboard on Mixed Media Place. My usual inclination is to work on my projects in one go, while I'm in the zone. This works amazingly well for art journal pages, but not for bigger or more involved projects, like mixed media… Continue reading Own Your Dreams | Mixed Media Tag

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Don’t Look Back in Anger | Art Journal

Well well well! Looks like my sis and I got to working on our Inspiration Station projects quite early this time. It was my turn to come up with a theme, and I made a tic tac toe board of options. I realized that it's pretty difficult to come up with a board that works… Continue reading Don’t Look Back in Anger | Art Journal

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A Purr-fect Mini Book | Art Journal

Remember the mini book that I'd started? Well, I've completed journaling on it now, with cute cats providing some much-needed chuckles. The first page is a trial page with... what else but mice! 🙂 I had incredible fun 'patching' the kitties - and adding marks around them for movement and expression - don't you think… Continue reading A Purr-fect Mini Book | Art Journal

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Kindness Unto All Creatures | Art Journal

Ah, time for a good ol' art journal page! After my trials with mixed media tags and ATCs, I just wanted to enjoy the incomparable fun that only playing with an art journal can provide. And I ended up with this - While working mostly on vertical A5 pages for my self-imposed challenge - 100… Continue reading Kindness Unto All Creatures | Art Journal

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Adventure | ATC

I made my first ATC (Artist Trading Card)! ATCs have specific measurements, so I cut out a card of the required dimensions. I mostly watercolored on it, using die cut stencils for margins. I did make mistakes, but mistakes on my art journey have taught me to embrace them while I figure out how I… Continue reading Adventure | ATC

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Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag

When I started dabbling with art journaling late last year,  I ended up making some tags as well. I loved the small work surface of tags, and how I could just use up clay components I've already created, or just whip up bake up a component or two quickly (which is great use for scrap… Continue reading Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag