Leafy Ring Dishes | Art Elements

I almost don’t remember when I last played in the monthly challenges hosted by the Art Elements team. Challenge host for this month, Caroline, chose the theme Foliage, and I was sure I wouldn’t find much time for creativity this month either. Then somehow, in the eleventh hour, I did find an opportunity to play with clay, and Caroline graciously accepted my late entry. (Thanks, Caroline!)

So without further ado, here are the ring dishes that I made –

My mom has a clear favorite amongst these, so that one’s for her…

The ring dishes are based on the Faux Stained Porcelain Dish tutorial by the awesome Samantha of Jessama Tutorials, where she uses alcohol inks for the patterns on her polymer clay dishes. I didn’t get the delicate crackle effect that she obtained, though. I even tried drying out the clay veneer by leaching out a portion of the oils between sheets of paper, but that didn’t work either. The veneers looked beautiful even without the crackle, so I just used them for the bowls as is.

I had a lot of fun playing with alcohol inks and polymer clay for these dishes, and I’d love to make many more of them. I hope one day I’ll even get the crackle down!

This is a blog hop, so please go around and check out the inspiring creative talent out there.

AE Team: Lesley Susan Marsha Claire Cathy Jenny Niky Caroline

Guests: Dawn Hope Alison Beth & Evie Laurie Kathy Linda Sarajo Michelle Tammy Divya Karen Alysen Mary Cat Jill Sarah Anita (you’re here)


47 thoughts on “Leafy Ring Dishes | Art Elements

    1. I loved the crackle in your leaf bowls. 🙂 I agree, I’ve been reminding myself that it’s the playing that’s fun, even if it doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to!


  1. These are really beautiful! I would have never guessed that they are polymer clay. I’ll be checking out that tutorial! Cracks or no cracks, they turned out great.

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  2. I know you were going for the crackle affect, but I think your ring dishes are perfect just the way they are! I love them both, but the one with green leaves is my favorite. Your mom will enjoy her dish;partly because they are so lovely and partly because you made it. Which one did she like best?

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  3. These dishes are super cool! Good job finding time to create something… it’s good for the soul! That green one makes me swoon as those colors are in my happy place.

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  4. I am not a clay person , so I dont know how the dishes would have looked like with the crackle. But I really really like them the way they are now. I think they look dainty like vintage collectibles.

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