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Be Dazzling | Inspiration Station

Time for a much-delayed Inspiration Station reveal. (Inspiration Station is a creative challenge where my sis and I go on our artistic journeys with themes that we come up with.) Here’s one of my photographs that I’d chosen for the inspiration –

Inspiration Station Jul Inspiration | Photo by Anita

I didn’t realize it until now, but it’s been three months since our last reveal! The long delay is mostly because of me – I didn’t have much creative time due to my day job, and when I did, and I made something, it didn’t click with me, and I had to step back and think of something else.

I’m still not one hundred percent happy about the current project, but at this rate I’ll just keep working on this theme, and since we all want to move to better things, here is my ‘Be Dazzling’ mixed media piece –

Be Dazzling | Mixed Media | Anita

For the larger component pieces, I used shells, lace, and diecut pieces. I also chose a ammonite-inspired polymer clay piece that I’d made earlier, and used molds to make a few more polymer clay components for the project.

If I want to continue making mixed media pieces, I really must collect more trinkets. πŸ™‚

Be Dazzling | Mixed Media | Anita

For the base, I used packaging cardboard. I adhered diecut wavy shapes on it to provide a flowing feel and initial texture.

With a diecut frame to help with the composition, I arranged the components. My initial arrangement clumped the components together like in mixed media videos that I’d watched, but it looked too busy to me and quite a few of the pieces were obscured, so I decided to spread them out a bit. (I probably also need many, many more components for a clumped arrangement than what I picked out.)

Be Dazzling | Mixed Media | Anita

I covered all components with black gesso, and added sand and art stones for some more texture. I then applied metallic acrylics and wax on the components until I started feeling unhappy about the whole thing. πŸ˜‰ I think spreading out the components is what made it unsatisfactory in the end.

Anyway, I wanted to complete the project since I’d worked so much on it, so I diecut letters for a ‘Be Dazzling’ sentiment, burnished some wax on them, and adhered them to the piece to complete it.

Be Dazzling | Mixed Media | Anita

And that’s my first mixed media assemblage project. Next time, I’ll make the underlying textures thicker so they actually show, and trudge ahead with a clumped / bunched arrangement no matter what it looks like to me at the time.

And now, please do check out my sister’s pretty, layered card, which she completed ages ago for our challenge. Thanks for waiting for me, sis! πŸ™‚

Inspiration Station logo

9 thoughts on “Be Dazzling | Inspiration Station

  1. I love this! Doesn’t even feel like your first time with a mixed media assemblage project!! I think it actually looks better IRL – its shinier and you can actually make out the layers and textures a lot better. Great job!!

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  2. Hi Anita! Your inspiration photo is gorgeous and your super sparkling project is pretty awesome! I think you are in the right track to become a mixed media wizard… just don’t give up!
    Yay, reading about last reveal left me speechless… three months? I knew some time had gone by, but not that much! I think I have new wrinkles, they appeared just now 😊.
    Wish you a wonderful DiwaliπŸ•―οΈ

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    1. Thank you, Cris, your encouragement is very much appreciated! And thank you for the Diwali wishes.
      I was really hoping our challenges make you smile, not give you wrinkles. Looks like we’ll need to try harder. πŸ™‚


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