ABS Challenge – Feb – Star Lovers | Beads

The folks at Art Bead Scene Studio feature awesome artwork every month, and challenge their readers to create art beads, and art-bead-incorporating jewelry, inspired by the artwork. February’s inspiration is a piece, Star Lovers, by Warwick Goble.

ABS Challenge Feb 2018 -- inspiration

This month has been a bit hectic for me, which I feel is because the number of things to do remain the same but there are fewer days to do them in. So I decided to split this challenge into a bead submission first, and then a jewelry submission using the beads from the first submission.

I totally loved the flowing elements in this illustration — the birds, the lady’s dress, even the stars, all flow and swirl and float, adding to the dreamlike feel of the picture. Since Goble was an illustrator, my immediate thought was to draw something myself. On a good day, I can manage okay on paper, but on clay, not really. So I opted for the next best thing — image transfer. It counts as drawing if I transfer a digital image that I created, right? 😉 In order to make similar beads, I made my digital image have tiled patterns comprising of flowing, swirling little items.

ABS Challenge Feb 2018 -- Swirly Polymer Clay Beads using Image Transfer

I used blue and gray Sculpey Premo polymer clay to make the beads. For the image transfer, I cut out and used different sizes from the tiles in my printed-out image. I then brushed pink and orange chalk pigment on the beads for a salmon color. (It still looks mostly pink because the orange somehow wasn’t stronger than it was.) I also lightly added some yellow, which mostly manifests as green. I then adhered the beads to thicker bases. The center of the beads is empty, and it looked a bit like a ghost town compared to the busy surroundings, so inspired by the stars in the picture, I added some glitter there and spread it slightly.

Post-bake, I drilled holes in the beads, and secured the glitter by applying some liquid polymer clay over the beads and waving a heat gun over them until the clay set. And that’s our beads, all ready to be made into jewelry!

8 thoughts on “ABS Challenge – Feb – Star Lovers | Beads

  1. The picture for your inspiration is beautiful! Love the colors and your beads show all of the gorgeous colors. I love the added glitter in the middle. I also love the pink rather than the salmon color 😉 What can I say, I am a pink girl 🙂 Your beads are wonderful and I can’t wait to see how you finish them.

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    1. Well then, Ginny, I’m glad the color stayed pink. 😉 Let’s see where the jewelry-making journey takes me and the beads.
      And I too totally love that picture! The artwork inspiration from ABS is usually beautiful, and is one of the reasons I started participating in the challenge — I can appreciate each picture for a longer time that way. 😉


  2. Oh, these beads look like puzzle pieces of the illustration! You’ve captured the main color theme and I’m curious to see where this goes 🙂

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    1. Now that I look at them again, they do remind me of puzzle pieces! Hope I figure out the puzzle of turning them into good jewelry. 😉 Thank you, Rosantia!


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