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Tiny bead earrings and not-so-tiny charm

Tiny earrings -- they have their own kind of charm, don't they? 🙂 I made these earrings using small head pins, and each of them has one seed bead, one brown-and-crimson glass bead and one faceted bead. Nothing special here, I just strung the beads onto the head pin, made an eye loop and snipped… Continue reading Tiny bead earrings and not-so-tiny charm

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Torus pendant

I have a few of these metallic-silver tori in my stash, and had a few ideas on using them. This is the first of the ideas brought to fruition -- I used a 22-gauge black wire for the embellishment, simply wrapping it around the surface of the torus. Every 4 turns, I added a blue… Continue reading Torus pendant

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My very own asymmetric long chain necklace

Oh yay! My first attempt at an asymmetric necklace is successful, I must say. The necklace is 90cm (36") long overall. I started out wanting to make something just like this, and this is one of the few times the result of my work resembles whatever is in my head when I begin. How I… Continue reading My very own asymmetric long chain necklace

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Beaded bracelet

I'm back to using paper beads! I didn't make new ones for this bracelet that I cobbled together, instead I reused some beads from a set that I'd made years ago. They'd been a part of some jewelry piece for a long time, but have been back in my stash for a while now. I… Continue reading Beaded bracelet

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Swirly flowers on rocks

No, that's not some kind of drink, it's what I call these dangle earrings that I made. I used 22-gauge dead soft wire for these earrings, and faceted black-gray granite beads. This how-to has been late in the making so I don't really remember how long I cut the wire 😦 but I think some… Continue reading Swirly flowers on rocks

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Amber earrings and bracelet

Strong hands are required to make these amber earrings and bracelet adornment. Well, at least it was true in my case because I used hard head pins to make them. 🙂 The earrings Stick the head pin in the amber bead, and start twisting and shaping the wire. You'll want to mainly use your round… Continue reading Amber earrings and bracelet

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Crazy wire-caged pendant

I have stashes of strong, thin, flexible, colored wire that nevertheless does not hold its shape very well. I used to make bracelets with this wire, but it's been a while since I used any of it. This time, I decided to use it for a different purpose -- to make a pendant. Because the… Continue reading Crazy wire-caged pendant

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Wire crocheted scrunchy bracelet

This is an old project of mine -- a bracelet using wire crochet and beads that I made during my early days of discovering wire crochet. It scrunches up a bit if you apply light pressure on it, so you're safe even if it is slightly bigger than you intended. I'd just made a few… Continue reading Wire crocheted scrunchy bracelet

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Chunky newspaper bead earrings and pendant

The wire jig has finally been conquered! Okay, maybe 'conquered' is a strong word. What I can say for sure, though, is that the shapes I make using my wire jig resemble one another much, much more than they did earlier. More importantly, they resemble the shape that I want them to be. I'm pretty… Continue reading Chunky newspaper bead earrings and pendant

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Wavy pearl dangle earrings

It's been quite a while since I bought a wire jig. (It's very sad that they don't seem to be available in Bangalore.) I hadn't used it at all, so I decided it's time for a practice project using the jig. With an idea that was completely different from how it turned out eventually, I… Continue reading Wavy pearl dangle earrings