Crocheted Polymer Clay Jewelry

My first project in the PCA art retreat. And my first batch of improvisations to compensate for lack of supplies where I live. 😉

Crocheted Polymer Clay Jewelry

Crocheted Polymer Clay Jewelry

This project uses the invisible spool knitting technique of wire crochet to embellish organic polymer clay beads with a delicate wire mesh, creating teardrop-shaped earrings and pendant. The wire crochet technique is used to create a fine necklace as well.

I could make the beads without much hassle. (Thanks to my sis for lending me her supplies to add the shine on them.) However, I can’t find the fine wire needed for the project here. So I used what I could lay my hands on — a thicker gauge wire.

Now, this wire does not really hold its shape while I work on it, so I couldn’t use the invisible spool knitting technique. I did regular crochet instead, which makes for a thicker mesh.

The wire mesh is also not the least bit delicate — if anything, it’s strong and yet springy 🙂 — but I wanted to work with it instead of trying to force it to be something it wasn’t, so I made the pieces look more traditional Indian instead of modern, by adding more wire-crocheted accompaniments for the earrings. Instead of making a fine necklace, I made a tube that a cord (or a seed-bead necklace) can be strung into.

And I also made a tiny piece that I added as a charm to an old scrunchy bracelet that I’d made. 🙂

So many improvisations! Love the results! ❤ ❤


Wire crocheted scrunchy bracelet

This is an old project of mine — a bracelet using wire crochet and beads that I made during my early days of discovering wire crochet. It scrunches up a bit if you apply light pressure on it, so you’re safe even if it is slightly bigger than you intended.

Wire-crocheted scrunchy bracelet

Wire-crocheted scrunchy bracelet

I’d just made a few paper beads of varying sizes and shapes (ranging from spherical to thick-saucer) from the same paper, and was looking for ways to incorporate all of them in a jewelry piece. And well, I did want to try out more wire crochet… 🙂 That’s how this project came about.

How I made it

I used three different colors of 26-gauge wire for this bracelet. I cut 5 pieces of wire, each about 24″ (60cm.) I didn’t need to string the beads onto the wires before I started, because the wires are short and beads can be added when needed. (Yay for that!) I divided the beads into three piles, and made chain stitches on three of the wires, adding the beads now and then to the stitches. I made plain chain stitches (with no beads) on the other two wires. I lightly twisted each plain chain with one each of the embellished ones, so there were 3 chains overall. I then wove those into a 3-strand braid. I finally secured both ends and added a clasp.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Let me know if you try it out sometime!