Art journal · Mixed media

Speak Your Truth

[Challenge win: Winner at Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge] Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - I made this spread on kraft paper. I started out by using a gel plate to make some acrylics background using stencils. I followed that with acrylics drips, then more acrylics pounced through a stencil. To this,… Continue reading Speak Your Truth

Doodle · Mixed media

Beautiful Smile, Wonderful Heart

Here's a pair of tags that I made recently - I cut out the tags from a lovely kraft paper backdrop that was present in a craft supplies packaging I'd received a while back. I first smooshed some acrylics over the paper, and let it dry. I followed this with some acrylics splatters, over which… Continue reading Beautiful Smile, Wonderful Heart

Art journal · Doodle · Mixed media

Inktober 2021 Doodles

Continuing my Zentangle-inspired doodles for Inktober from my previous update, I now have a mini-book filled with fun shapes! I continued to use gel pens for the initial drawings, and for the shading, color pencils coupled with a blending tool, and watercolor pencils with a water brush pen. Along the way, I discovered that some… Continue reading Inktober 2021 Doodles

Earrings · Jewelry

Elegant White Earrings

It's time for yet another reveal at Art Elements, and this month, Claire Fabian has thought of 'White' as the theme. I ran through my ever-growing to-do list of projects, wondering if white could be the star in any of them. In the end, as it happens more often than not, I made a brand… Continue reading Elegant White Earrings

Earrings · Jewelry

Pearl dangle earrings

I'd made a pair of wavy pearl dangle earrings a while ago, but noticed I wasn't wearing them much. So I decided to give them a quick makeover. I twisted the waves into rings (still squiggly ones though) around the pearls. Heh, I really didn't want to waste that wire even if it was slightly… Continue reading Pearl dangle earrings

Chains & Necklaces · Jewelry

Beaded partial necklace

My first attempt at bead crocheting resulted in a beautiful bracelet and some very painful fingers. 😦 I'd wanted to try my hand at Kumihimo instead, but I haven't managed to buy a disc yet. While I'm thinking if I should make a DIY Kumihimo disc, I decided to give bead crocheting one more shot… Continue reading Beaded partial necklace

Chains & Necklaces · Jewelry

Wire-wrapped chunky beads chain

I'd always wanted to make a chunky beads chain, and now that I own some thicker gauge wires, what better than wire-wrapped chunky beads? 🙂 I got the chunky turquoise beads to remain in place with the wire open inside. That is, there's nothing attached to something else to keep the placement tight. It works… Continue reading Wire-wrapped chunky beads chain

Bracelets · Jewelry

Beaded bracelet

I'm back to using paper beads! I didn't make new ones for this bracelet that I cobbled together, instead I reused some beads from a set that I'd made years ago. They'd been a part of some jewelry piece for a long time, but have been back in my stash for a while now. I… Continue reading Beaded bracelet

Jewelry · Pendants

Beaded ornament experiment

Beading is something I've been wanting to try for a while. I've done some bead crochet projects, of course, but constantly seeing cabochons with beaded finishing on my Pinterest screen has to have some effect, doesn't it? 😉 So before I go running to buy beading supplies, I thought I'll first try it with the… Continue reading Beaded ornament experiment

Jewelry · Pendants

Crazy wire-caged pendant

I have stashes of strong, thin, flexible, colored wire that nevertheless does not hold its shape very well. I used to make bracelets with this wire, but it's been a while since I used any of it. This time, I decided to use it for a different purpose -- to make a pendant. Because the… Continue reading Crazy wire-caged pendant