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Be You | Art Journal

I've been drawing and coloring more in my art journal spreads lately, and it's interesting to observe colors play with one another, and how one medium affects another. For the background of this spread, I mainly used the paint lifting technique and acrylics pouncing. The acrylics are metallic, so the checks in the background shine… Continue reading Be You | Art Journal

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Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

It's Inspiration Station time! (This is where my sis and I work on our respective creative projects based on themes that we think of.) It was my turn this time to come up with a theme, and I chose a modified version of a picture that I'd clicked of my sister's alcohol ink experiments. All… Continue reading Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

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Be Free Earrings | We’re All Ears

My recent artistic inclinations are towards art journaling, so it's a different sort of creative high when I make the occasional jewelry. 🙂 And what better to motivate me to work on some earrings than the We're All Ears challenge! Erin's prompt for April is based on our current reality - since most of us… Continue reading Be Free Earrings | We’re All Ears

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Art Joins Hearts | Art Journal

A recent art journal spread of mine. I started on this when one of the ATCs that I was working on just vanished - just vanished! - from my work bench. I debated between starting another set of ATCs and starting a new art journal spread. The art journal spread won, and I'm happy with… Continue reading Art Joins Hearts | Art Journal

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Find the Love… | Art Journal

A gel print that I made recently in my art journal had, in my opinion, become unsalvageable, so I overwrote it with a completely different spread. I made this A6 spread over multiple days - I'd fallen ill and I wanted something to feel good about. (I've recovered now.) So the page started out with… Continue reading Find the Love… | Art Journal

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Flutter | Mixed Media Tag

I have these pretty Craftangles decoupage papers in my stash, which I'd been wanting to use for a while. I didn't want to completely obscure them by using them as scrapbook / art-journal backgrounds, nor did I want to use them for decoupage. (I still haven't gotten into decoupage.) The moment finally arrived when I… Continue reading Flutter | Mixed Media Tag

Mixed media

Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag

When I started dabbling with art journaling late last year,  I ended up making some tags as well. I loved the small work surface of tags, and how I could just use up clay components I've already created, or just whip up bake up a component or two quickly (which is great use for scrap… Continue reading Create with Joy | Mixed Media Tag