Macramé charm

A long time ago, when I was about to travel abroad, I made some simple tassel tags to attach to my bags. When I rediscovered macramé, though, simple tassels just wouldn’t do anymore, would they? I started being on the lookout for things to attach tag charms to so I can make said charms using macramé. 😀

Macrame Tag CharmThis is one such charm. I didn’t really have any shape in mind when I made it, I just double-half-hitch-knotted away. When it was done and I showed it to my sister, I thought it looked like a fish, and she thought it resembled a squid. 🙂

For this charm, I started out with one strand of color A attached at its center to a jump ring using a reverse lark’s head knot. Then I added a new strand of a different color — using the new strand as a horizontal anchor, I made double half-hitch knots from the already-attached strands. 4 more strands followed in a similar fashion, color A always alternating with random other colors. By now, the piece was sufficiently wide. (You may choose fewer or more strands as you prefer.)

I then began knotting double-hitch knots in a laterally symmetrical manner, that is, using the two center strands as anchors towards the edges, or using the two edge strands as anchors towards the center; all strands on each side make double half-hitch knots along their anchor. I first knotted towards the edges, then towards the center, and then on, always towards the edges. (I made sure the center strands were crossed every time, so there’s no long gaping hole along the middle.)

Eventually, when the piece got long enough, I began increasing the thickness of the anchor cord by adding a just-knotted strand to the existing anchor, which would together form the anchor for the next knot. This also had the effect of bringing all the strands together towards the center as a bunch, which I could then collectively bind tight in a series of square knots. I finally snipped the ‘tail’ or ‘tentacles’ (depending on which animal you think it looks like) to a compatible length.

I’d like the tag to be easily removable so I just knotted a longish double-strand around the jump ring (Remember I used it to start the piece?)

Ta da!

Macrame Tag Charm


Brown beaded macramé bracelet. With a button!

Macrame Bracelet

Macrame Bracelet

It’s been a long, long time since I used Macramé to make things, so I thought I’d make a beaded bracelet. I had some strong cotton yarn lying around from an old knitting project that I could use for my cords. As for beads to add, my stash had these round, brown wooden beads with splashes of green and blue, and they were perfect for this project.

The bracelet would be about 7″ long, so I cut a 16″ cord for the filler cord, and about 25″ for the working cord. Folding the filler cord, I strung 10 beads in it and knotted the ends of the cord together to prevent the beads from falling off. Securing the top part of the folded cord (where the ‘loop’ appears), I made simple alternating square knots using the working cord. I started knotting about 3/4″ from the filler cord’s top, made 4 square knots, pulled up one bead along the filler cord, and made the next square knot by wrapping the working cords along the side of the bead. Then 4 knots again and pull up another bead, and then again…

The bracelet was almost 7″ by the time the last bead was used, and I made 4 more square knots. I then borrowed a translucent violet button from my sister’s stash. I fastened this button by stringing both working cords through it and tying up the working cords and filler cords below the button. Finally, I snipped off the extra yarn from the cords.

Here’s how the bracelet looks on my hand (ta-da!) —

Macrame Bracelet