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Flowery bracelet charm

Gosh has it been a long time since I made some jewelry! I've been looking for thicker gauge wire here in Bangalore / India, but my net is still empty, and I'm taking a break from the search now. Meanwhile, I've not tried to create more jewelry with the same old coils of wire I… Continue reading Flowery bracelet charm

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Beaded ornament experiment

Beading is something I've been wanting to try for a while. I've done some bead crochet projects, of course, but constantly seeing cabochons with beaded finishing on my Pinterest screen has to have some effect, doesn't it? 😉 So before I go running to buy beading supplies, I thought I'll first try it with the… Continue reading Beaded ornament experiment

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More flowery earrings

Looks like I've become addicted to making flowery earrings. Or maybe I'm jumping into conclusions, because this is only my second flowery pair. 😀 I had this idea for a couple of days before I decided to start looking for suitable beads. And of course, these wonderful beads exceeded my expectations! 🙂 Making each earring… Continue reading More flowery earrings