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Sugar skull

While I was on a random Internet 'walk', looking up stuff I'm interested in, and occasionally stumbling upon other interesting stuff, I came across an art bead challenge on Art Elements. The challenge showcased sugar skull lampwork beads made by Jen Cameron from the Art Elements team, and select designers would use the beads in… Continue reading Sugar skull

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Pearl dangle earrings

I'd made a pair of wavy pearl dangle earrings a while ago, but noticed I wasn't wearing them much. So I decided to give them a quick makeover. I twisted the waves into rings (still squiggly ones though) around the pearls. Heh, I really didn't want to waste that wire even if it was slightly… Continue reading Pearl dangle earrings

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Beaded bracelet

I'm back to using paper beads! I didn't make new ones for this bracelet that I cobbled together, instead I reused some beads from a set that I'd made years ago. They'd been a part of some jewelry piece for a long time, but have been back in my stash for a while now. I… Continue reading Beaded bracelet

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Wavy pearl dangle earrings

It's been quite a while since I bought a wire jig. (It's very sad that they don't seem to be available in Bangalore.) I hadn't used it at all, so I decided it's time for a practice project using the jig. With an idea that was completely different from how it turned out eventually, I… Continue reading Wavy pearl dangle earrings

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Long oval metal dangles

So I had a couple of long metal oval beads with me for a looong time now, which I'd wanted to turn into earrings. They would probably look good by themselves, but I wasn't satisfied with just that, and decided to add some wire and beads to them. Black wire was my preferred choice because… Continue reading Long oval metal dangles