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Shadowbox Shrine

Oops, I almost forgot to make something from my PCA course this month. And when I did start work on a project, I accidentally cracked my version #1 when it came out of the oven. I could almost feel this month pass by without a PCA project, but I managed to make a version #2.… Continue reading Shadowbox Shrine

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Textures and Molds

Now that I have new clay, I went through my paltry stash of textures and molds, and wondered if the items in it work for the techniques that I see in jewelry tutorials and courses. I'll not be ordering internationally any time soon because of the recent tax restructuring we've had here, and it looks… Continue reading Textures and Molds

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Totem-Inspired Beads

My version of Mihaela's course from PCA. As usual, I used materials locally available to me to make these totem beads, so they don't quite look like hers. 🙂 Mihaela uses quite a few surface treatments to make her colorful beads, whereas I used one treatment - the Perfect Pearls treatment. 😀 One technique that… Continue reading Totem-Inspired Beads

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Carved beads jewelry

My next project in PCA 2017 is inspired by the Night Out Necklace from Shannon. Shannon's necklace involves hand carving beads. I have great self-awareness when it comes to my knife skills -- I know that I'm bad with knives and constantly afraid I'll slice my thumb off 😛 -- so bead carving was going… Continue reading Carved beads jewelry