Paper/Fabric Bead Earrings

My previous use of fabric had me thinking of using it again for an easy pair of earrings. At first, I thought I’d make fabric beads, but in my stash search, I found paper calling to me as well. In the end, I made paper beads to which I added fabric strips, and made earrings out of them.

Paper/Fabric Bead Earrings
I made conical paper beads at first, and painted them with red and pink acrylics for some great color. Then, I laid out thin strips of spare fabric, and applied E6000 along their length on one side so I can attach them to the paper beads. I wound these strips around the paper beads, starting at the bottom, spiraling towards the top. I ran out of my first strip just before I reached the top, and since I liked the look, I decided to not add on another to fully cover the paper bead. I used a needle to pry some of the thread free from the fabric to get a fuzzy look. I think I might have overdone this, however. πŸ˜›

Once the beads were dry, the earrings came through without too much hassle. For each earring, I poked a headpin through a small bead cap, an accent bead, a paper/fabric bead and a seed bead, and made an eye loop at the top, to which I added an earring finding.

That’s it! Easy and fun, what more can one ask for? πŸ™‚


Inspired by Iced Tea | We’re All Ears Challenge

The folks at Earrings Everyday host a themed monthly challenge – We’re All Ears – with a reveal and blog hop on the third Friday of the month. For July, we get to be inspired by our favorite summer drink! Doesn’t that sound like fun! πŸ™‚

It’s pretty difficult to think of a summer drink when it’s rainy and chilly here in Bangalore πŸ˜‰ but while I sipped hot tea one cold afternoon, its sister, the iced tea, came to mind. What’s not to like about a refreshing drink that readily accepts different flavors being blended in, and still maintains its inherent ‘tea-ness’ underneath!

I thought I could use the dregs from my tea for a pair of paper-based earrings… (Let the creativity flow!) And this was the result –

Iced Tea Paper Earrings | Anita

The pattern

I spread the dregs on a piece of paper, then quickly removed them. I then reduced the amount of dregs, then re-spread them again on the paper for a longer while, and removed them again. I repeated the reduce + re-spread + remove process a couple more times to get a pattern of smaller, darker brown specks over larger, lighter brown ones.

The beads

I cut out long right angled triangle paper strips, and made conical paper beads by rolling the strips around a thin piece of wire, using glue on the paper during the rolling to ensure the beads don’t unravel. These form the bead bases.

I then cut a couple of squarish shapes from the tea-patterned paper, ensuring that they are slightly larger than the length of the paper beads. I draped each square over a paper bead, retaining the same conical shape – but looser, like a slightly oversized dress – and made them stay put that way using glue.

I used a couple of layers of Mod Podge for some gloss, which I then reduced by lightly rubbing the beads with some fine sandpaper. Then I squished the base of these tea-patterned cones a bit, and twisted them. Ah now that’s a look I like!

The assembly

For each earring, I strung a dark brown bead through a long gold-colored head pin, then added the paper bead, and made an eye hole at the top, to which I attached an earring finding. For more interest, I added tiny pre-wired black loreal seed beads to a jump ring and attached it to the earring finding.

Yeah! I totally love this earring pair – simple, light and pretty. πŸ™‚

This is a blog hop, so please check out what the other participants have made by heading over to the reveal at Earrings Everyday.

Paper beads, seed beads

I still use the paper bead bunch keychain that I made, and I still love it. Using the keychain made me want to churn out more of those beads. Here’s what that urge resulted in —

Paper beads, seed beads

Chillin’ out!

I don’t want to make another keychain out of these, though. I wonder how I can use them… I’m thinking they’d do well accentuating a yarn-based project. Any other ideas?

Paper bead bunch keychain

Yay, paper beads are back in my jewelry-making!

Paper bead bunch keychainI spent some time recently making paper beads. I used some junk-mail paper for these. I didn’t really have any sizes in mind, I just wanted to make two sets of beads — one set smaller than the other.

I cut rectangles from the paper, 4 of the same dimensions, and 2 of smaller dimensions. I folded each rectangle diagonally and cut it along the diagonal, giving me 8 large and 4 small right-angled triangles. I rolled them up into simple tapered beads, applying glue at regular intervals to keep the rolls snug.

When the bead bases were made, I painted gradients of acrylic colors onto them. Mod podge followed when the paint dried. The beads were now ready!

I then strung these paper beads and various seed beads through head pins, making eye loops at the top of the headpins. These formed individual units of the bead-bunch.

Finally, for the trunk of the bunch that extends into a chain, I joined small jump rings. While I was adding each link, I also added the bead-bunch units, larger ones at the beginning / bottom. That went — open jump ring, insert it into the topmost jump ring of the chain-in-progress, insert bead-bunch unit #1 from one end of the open jump ring, insert bead-bunch unit #2 from the other end of the open jump ring, close jump ring, repeat.

I just love this keychain! It’s so fun-looking and so light! Needless to say, I’ve already swapped out the earlier chain in my car keys for this one. πŸ™‚

Beaded bracelet

I’m back to using paper beads! I didn’t make new ones for this bracelet that I cobbled together, instead I reused some beads from a set that I’d made years ago. They’d been a part of some jewelry piece for a long time, but have been back in my stash for a while now.

Beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelet

I just love the shocking pink on the paper beads! It goes really well with the black and white. To make the rest of the bracelet look compatible, I used white, black / hematite and red seed beads.

To start with, I cut 4 lengths of about 20cm (8″) flexible copper wire. I crimped one end of the bunch, and strung seed beads through two of the wires. (Using all four wires for beading was overkill, but using just two wires made the structure not strong enough.) After around 1/5 of the wires was threaded, I added a paper bead, passing all four wires through it. More seed beads and paper beads followed. Finally, I crimped the other end of the wires and snipped off the extra. A small jump ring through both crimp tubes was enough to make the bracelet slide on and off my hand without requiring a clasp.

Beaded braceletNow I’m back to pondering about what I can do with the rest of the paper bead set…

Meshy envelope earrings

I love the colors on these earrings, and the texture. ❀ What gave them this texture, you ask? If you read the title of this post, you already know πŸ™‚ — a paper envelope lined on the inside with a loose thread mesh!

Meshy envelope earrings

Meshy envelope earrings

The envelope had arrived by post. I don’t really remember what was in it, but I remember feeling impatient while reading its contents because I wanted to use the envelope, highlighting its texture. πŸ˜€ And I’m not disappointed at all with the result.

How I made them

I cut an approximately 6cm x 9cm piece out of the envelope, placed it mesh-side up, and colored the surface yellow and maroon. You can also see lots of orange there that resulted from the blending of those two colors. Isn’t it beautiful?

A word of caution here — you might not want to use watercolors for this, just in case the threads get detached from the paper due to the water. Or if you do want to use watercolors, you could experiment on a small sample of the envelope first…

Anyway, after the surface was thoroughly dry, I cut out 3cm x 3cm squares out of it. I then rolled them up into cylinders, starting with one corner and rolling it in. Choosing to roll in a corner instead of an edge gives the cylinder a more interesting shape at the edges! πŸ˜‰

Meshy envelope earrings - closeupOf course, I applied a very small amount of glue at the outermost corner to make the structure hold. After the glue dried, I applied a whole lot of varnish, layer after layer after layer, waiting between applications to let the latest layer dry. I did this until the threads from the meshes appeared softer.

I then made them into earrings by threading wires into the cylinders, making large eye loops at both ends. I added the cylinders to earring findings, 3 per earring. To make them hang more freely, I also added jump rings to 2 cylinders (per earring) before attaching them to the findings.

What do you think of these?

Wire crocheted scrunchy bracelet

This is an old project of mine — a bracelet using wire crochet and beads that I made during my early days of discovering wire crochet. It scrunches up a bit if you apply light pressure on it, so you’re safe even if it is slightly bigger than you intended.

Wire-crocheted scrunchy bracelet

Wire-crocheted scrunchy bracelet

I’d just made a few paper beads of varying sizes and shapes (ranging from spherical to thick-saucer) from the same paper, and was looking for ways to incorporate all of them in a jewelry piece. And well, I did want to try out more wire crochet… πŸ™‚ That’s how this project came about.

How I made it

I used three different colors of 26-gauge wire for this bracelet. I cut 5 pieces of wire, each about 24″ (60cm.) I didn’t need to string the beads onto the wires before I started, because the wires are short and beads can be added when needed. (Yay for that!) I divided the beads into three piles, and made chain stitches on three of the wires, adding the beads now and then to the stitches. I made plain chain stitches (with no beads) on the other two wires. I lightly twisted each plain chain with one each of the embellished ones, so there were 3 chains overall. I then wove those into a 3-strand braid. I finally secured both ends and added a clasp.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Let me know if you try it out sometime!