Valet tray

I'd been thinking of making a small tray that would hold not only my car keys, but also arbitrary jewelry items like the hair clips that I regularly use, or small accessories (like said clips, earrings, bracelets...) that I'd pick out for wearing the next day. So I recently made one using papier mâché. Technically,… Continue reading Valet tray

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Moth earrings

These earrings are one of my early jewelry-making experiments. I made these from some wrapping paper (I think.) They have absolutely no varnish on them, and are suited only for dry days. I cut around 16 elongated-heart shapes from the wrapping paper -- 8 for each earring. (You could just fold the paper a lot… Continue reading Moth earrings

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Textured pendant

Sometimes, ideas just grab hold of you, and you have to execute them, at least to see how they turn out. This was one such time, and the idea was to make a pendant with a lot of texture. This is how it turned out -- And this is how I made it -- Body… Continue reading Textured pendant

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Wire crocheted scrunchy bracelet

This is an old project of mine -- a bracelet using wire crochet and beads that I made during my early days of discovering wire crochet. It scrunches up a bit if you apply light pressure on it, so you're safe even if it is slightly bigger than you intended. I'd just made a few… Continue reading Wire crocheted scrunchy bracelet

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Squarish paper earrings

My new sideboard arrived recently, and my room finally has some proper furniture in it. Rearranging my stash inevitably followed, and in the process, I found some old one-sided printouts that I'd retained to repurpose as jewelry. So I got to work. The base I cut out eight 1"-wide squares from the paper, and then… Continue reading Squarish paper earrings

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Chunky newspaper bead earrings and pendant

The wire jig has finally been conquered! Okay, maybe 'conquered' is a strong word. What I can say for sure, though, is that the shapes I make using my wire jig resemble one another much, much more than they did earlier. More importantly, they resemble the shape that I want them to be. I'm pretty… Continue reading Chunky newspaper bead earrings and pendant


Chunky paper beads

Paper beads were what I started my DIY jewelry experiments with, and Janice Mae's paper bead blog and video tutorials helped me take my first (and many subsequent) steps in making paper beads. I'm so grateful to her. Now for the chunky beads. I'd decided to make them from newspaper. I've made such beads before,… Continue reading Chunky paper beads