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Textured pendant

Sometimes, ideas just grab hold of you, and you have to execute them, at least to see how they turn out. This was one such time, and the idea was to make a pendant with a lot of texture. This is how it turned out -- And this is how I made it -- Body… Continue reading Textured pendant

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Wavy macramé bracelet

I'm so excited to write about this wavy bracelet I made! Considering that I'm just beginning to peep outside my square-knots macramé world and have just started learning new knots, I'm very happy with how this one turned out. Well, this isn't my brain child, though. I followed this neat video tutorial by Macramé School.… Continue reading Wavy macramé bracelet

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Squarish paper earrings

My new sideboard arrived recently, and my room finally has some proper furniture in it. Rearranging my stash inevitably followed, and in the process, I found some old one-sided printouts that I'd retained to repurpose as jewelry. So I got to work. The base I cut out eight 1"-wide squares from the paper, and then… Continue reading Squarish paper earrings

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Ruby red dangle earrings

I started making these earrings on a whim, thinking that I'll first string some wire in some cylindrical ruby-red beads and then figure out what I'll do with them. I cut some length of wire, made the bottom eye-loops, strung in the beads, made the top eye-loop and wound the wire around the stalk to… Continue reading Ruby red dangle earrings