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Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

I've been doodling every day this month, inspired by Inktober. I made a small, square, soft-bound book specifically for this activity, and have been enjoying drawing Zentangle-inspired doodles in it. I used plain kettle stitch to assemble the signatures, and adhered pattern paper to form the front and back covers. I use gel pens for… Continue reading Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

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Believe in You

Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - I started this spread by applying gesso over the pages, followed by modeling paste through a stencil. I applied acrylics and spritzed water over them to make the paint lightly pool around the textured areas. I then followed it up with some stamping using dye inks.… Continue reading Believe in You

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Good Vibes

[Challenge win: Top rocker at 613 Avenue Create challenge] It's time for another Inspiration Station project! (This is where my sister and I come up with themes, and interpret them as we will.) This is the tic-tac-toe board that I came up with for the theme - I went with the first column - Flowers,… Continue reading Good Vibes

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Birdie Wishes

[Challenge win: Winner at STAMPlorations Stencil challenge] Here's a recent cheery art journal spread of mine - I made this spread on a background of acrylics pounced over a stencil. As it sometimes turns out, I had other ideas for this background, but it ended up as it did, and I have no qualms about… Continue reading Birdie Wishes

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Never Too Late

Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - The background of this spread had negatives from a previous gel-printing session. It also looks like I used some leftover metallic acrylics from another session, which I can't seem to recall now. Anyway, let's just say I started out with a pre-created background from some previous… Continue reading Never Too Late

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Flowers and Hope | Art Journal

[Challenge win: Top 5 at Arty Divas challenge]I'd created some good gel-print negatives and ghost prints in a gel-printing session recently, but I just couldn't figure out how to work further with the prints. Finally, I just decided to create without worrying how. The result - this spread: I pulled this gel-print from the negative… Continue reading Flowers and Hope | Art Journal

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Letters | Art Journal

As a welcome distraction from the Valentine's madness of hearts and candies, Jennifer from the Art Elements team came up with the theme of Letters - which can be interpreted in many different ways, romantic or otherwise. It's inspiring how a tiny letter is the building block for a word, a paragraph, an epic. How… Continue reading Letters | Art Journal

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100 Days | Bookbinding

I've finally wrapped up my 100 days of art sessions. Literally - by binding all the art journal pages into a book! I mentioned last time that I hadn't thought of the covers earlier, so I got an extra session from making the covers for the book. I used a single sheet to make both… Continue reading 100 Days | Bookbinding

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100 Days | Art Journal (11)

Alrighty, this is the final batch of my 100 art journaling sessions! Hope you've enjoyed joining me on my adventure, which I started writing about a little more than two months ago. This batch has a lot of background creation on the actual journal pages. The focal items are painted somewhere else, fussy-cut and pasted… Continue reading 100 Days | Art Journal (11)

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100 Days | Art Journal (10)

I'm almost at the end of my intended 100 art journaling sessions. I'm chuffed that I've kept up with my goal for so long, and that you've been with me all this while! 🙂 In the first page, I tried a salt-induced texture like I did earlier, but it didn't take. I journaled on it… Continue reading 100 Days | Art Journal (10)