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Feel Beautiful | Art Journal

An art journal spread I made recently - For the background of this spread, I used mainly acrylics with stencils, using the paint lifting technique. I also used acrylics at the edges of the spread, and over the background to get some more color into it. I drew the focal image over the background, and… Continue reading Feel Beautiful | Art Journal

Art journal · Mixed media

Hold Your Head High | Art Journal

[Challenge win: Winner at A Bit More Time To Craft Extra challenge]It's been a while since I used my gel plate for something other than a background, so I made a spread inspired by a session from Birgit Koopsen on Creative Jumpstart 2020, where the gel-printed image forms the focal. I added the background after… Continue reading Hold Your Head High | Art Journal

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Nature is Glorious | Inspiration Station

It's Inspiration Station time! (It's where my sister or I come up with a theme, which we use as inspiration for our individual creative sessions.) The theme from my sister for this latest round is the picture below - I was inspired by the colors in the picture, and the abundant flora and fauna present… Continue reading Nature is Glorious | Inspiration Station

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Fly Little Bird | Art Journal

[Challenge win: Top rocker at 613 Avenue Create challenge][Challenge win: Winner / future guest designer at Arty Divas challenge]It's fun to impose mini challenges on yourself once in a while. These days, I'm attempting to use a single stencil as much as possible for a given spread, and it's amazing to me that ideas occur… Continue reading Fly Little Bird | Art Journal

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Be You | Art Journal

[Challenge win: Top 5 at More Mixed Media challenge]I've been drawing and coloring more in my art journal spreads lately, and it's interesting to observe colors play with one another, and how one medium affects another. For the background of this spread, I mainly used the paint lifting technique and acrylics pouncing. The acrylics are… Continue reading Be You | Art Journal

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Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

It's Inspiration Station time! (This is where my sis and I work on our respective creative projects based on themes that we think of.) It was my turn this time to come up with a theme, and I chose a modified version of a picture that I'd clicked of my sister's alcohol ink experiments. All… Continue reading Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

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Embrace the Fuzziness | Art Journal

[Challenge win: Top 5 at More Mixed Media challenge]The vagueness surrounding us during these unprecedented times was making me go through pretty unhelpful emotions. I made this art journal spread recently about embracing all the vague, fuzzy, not-sure-what-you're-doing stuff as just being part of current life - I cannot avoid it but I can choose… Continue reading Embrace the Fuzziness | Art Journal

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Be Free Earrings | We’re All Ears

My recent artistic inclinations are towards art journaling, so it's a different sort of creative high when I make the occasional jewelry. 🙂 And what better to motivate me to work on some earrings than the We're All Ears challenge! Erin's prompt for April is based on our current reality - since most of us… Continue reading Be Free Earrings | We’re All Ears

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Art Joins Hearts | Art Journal

A recent art journal spread of mine. I started on this when one of the ATCs that I was working on just vanished - just vanished! - from my work bench. I debated between starting another set of ATCs and starting a new art journal spread. The art journal spread won, and I'm happy with… Continue reading Art Joins Hearts | Art Journal

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Safety, Support, Strength | Art Journal

I made an art journal spread recently, starting on it when I was feeling really frustrated, working on it intermittently, and ending it when I felt especially grateful to my near & dear ones for being there for me. I started the page with some scribble journaling, which I planned to cover up. I pasted… Continue reading Safety, Support, Strength | Art Journal