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Mini Journal Wrap Up

Happy New Year! I hope your year has started well, and will only keep getting better. I managed to fill up my mini journal--a tiny 6x6 sq. cm (~ 2.5x2.5 sq. in) book-- by the end of last year, and arting in it has been positively wonderful. I usually ready a set number of sheets… Continue reading Mini Journal Wrap Up

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Happy Diwali

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Inktober 2021 Doodles

Continuing my Zentangle-inspired doodles for Inktober from my previous update, I now have a mini-book filled with fun shapes! I continued to use gel pens for the initial drawings, and for the shading, color pencils coupled with a blending tool, and watercolor pencils with a water brush pen. Along the way, I discovered that some… Continue reading Inktober 2021 Doodles

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Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

I've been doodling every day this month, inspired by Inktober. I made a small, square, soft-bound book specifically for this activity, and have been enjoying drawing Zentangle-inspired doodles in it. I used plain kettle stitch to assemble the signatures, and adhered pattern paper to form the front and back covers. I use gel pens for… Continue reading Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

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Good Vibes

[Challenge win: Top rocker at 613 Avenue Create challenge] It's time for another Inspiration Station project! (This is where my sister and I come up with themes, and interpret them as we will.) This is the tic-tac-toe board that I came up with for the theme - I went with the first column - Flowers,… Continue reading Good Vibes

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Whimsical Cat

[Challenge win: Top 5 at More Mixed Media challenge] Here's a recent art journal spread of mine - I started the spread with a background from a different session - gel print negatives from acrylics and different stencils. I added to the stenciled shapes by doodling around them with a fineliner, a Posca marker, and… Continue reading Whimsical Cat

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Celebrate | Mixed Media Tag

I made this mixed media tag recently - I applied clear gesso on a brown tag, and added some texture using modeling paste - a bit with stencils, and a bit directly using a palette knife. I stamped over this using black acrylic paints. I love how this produces an effect very much like using… Continue reading Celebrate | Mixed Media Tag

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Art Journal | Inspiration Station

It's time for a project from another Inspiration Station challenge, where my sister and I select a theme, and each of us creates something inspired by the theme.  It was my sister's turn to pick the inspiration this month, and she made a mood board for us from the pictures that inspired her. We also… Continue reading Art Journal | Inspiration Station

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Inspiration Station: Art Journal Page

My sister and I have started a theme-inspired creativity session between us this year – our ‘Inspiration Station’ – one of us picks a theme of the month, and each of us makes something inspired by the theme in any media we fancy. Last month, it was my turn to pick, and I had just… Continue reading Inspiration Station: Art Journal Page