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Inktober 2021 Doodles (and Bookbinding)

I’ve been doodling every day this month, inspired by Inktober. I made a small, square, soft-bound book specifically for this activity, and have been enjoying drawing Zentangle-inspired doodles in it. I used plain kettle stitch to assemble the signatures, and adhered pattern paper to form the front and back covers.

I use gel pens for the initial doodling, then use other media over it, mostly for highlights and shadows. So far, the other media include plain graphite pencils or color pencils coupled with a blending tool, and watercolor pencils with a water brush pen.

I started out with monochrome palettes, and have recently started using more than one color in a single session. Let’s see what the rest of the month uncovers!

I’ve also been doodling in a larger book on days that the Inktober session in my small book only whets my appetite for more. Doodling is incredibly fun, no matter the size of the canvas, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Check out Part-2 of my Inktober doodling!

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