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Painted Coasters

It’s Inspiration Station time, and my sister and I are back again with our theme-based creative projects. It was my sister’s turn to come up with a theme for this round, and here’s her inspiration –

Inspiration Station - Feb inspiration
Inspiration Station – Feb inspiration
Sources, clockwise from top-right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

With so many cups and mugs in the image, my thoughts veered towards coasters – it’s been more than two years since my last set! I thought I’d include some stamped images on the coasters, and incorporate an art-journal background-like feel in the project too.

I used old polymer clay for the set – I’d left some alcohol-ink veneers from a previous project for too long, and they’d gone all crumbly and hard. I beat them (literally, after stuffing them into a plastic cover!) with some oil and some new clay, and eventually got the resulting lump to a consistency that was workable with a pasta machine.

Painted Coasters | Polymer Clay | Anita

I made veneers using the second thickest setting of the machine, from which I cut out circles using a cutter. I then used stamps with spritzed water (so the stamps don’t stick to the clay) to imprint the flowers and the polka dots, and baked the pieces.

I sanded the top faces of the circles to make them a bit smoother, and used regular and metallic acrylic paints over the debossed areas. After they dried, I added light accents to some areas of the flowers with a black fineliner, so they’d have additional depth. I then applied some metallic wax over the raised portions.

Painted Coasters | Polymer Clay | Anita

Over the rest of the surface, I used various stamps with regular and metallic acrylics, and made some ‘splatters’ with a white Posca marker. To the back, I attached a thinner, textured veneer of clay using TLS, and rebaked the set.

I used an Xacto knife on the edges to trim and even them out, and applied metallic wax on them. I then applied 2-part epoxy resin over the top faces, and let the coasters cure. Ta da!

And now, do check out my sister’s lovely, textured art journal spread – I love how she made it using the minimal color palette from the inspiration image, and that hedgehog is so cute! My sister’s art is so different from mine, and I always learn a thing or two from her projects.

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