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Bargello Bracelet

It’s time for a long-delayed Inspiration Station reveal! Here is where my sister and I throw themes at each other on a regular basis, try out our own creative takes on them, and share them with our blogging friends.

Speaking of sharing, this is my 200th post on the blog, and though it’s just a number 😉 , it’s a chance to reflect on the satisfying creative journey that I’ve documented thus far, and to appreciate wonderful people like you that have shared this journey with me.

And now, without further ado – this is the mood board that I’d come up with for our challenge –

Inspiration Station - Oct/Nov inspiration
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For my project, I made a bracelet with polymer clay. I’d been really missing making jewelry with polymer clay – lately, I’ve been using polymer clay mostly for mixed media assemblage. So I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. 🙂

I was inspired to make my bracelet based on the concept of color harmony that the mood-board represented for me. I’m happy that the resulting bracelet also embodies the concept. Here’s how it turned out –

Bargello Bracelet | Polymer Clay | Anita

For this bracelet, I used the Bargello technique. This is a decorative needlepoint embroidery technique that produces zigzagged motifs. The technique has made its way into other arts as well, like quilting – and of course, polymer clay. 🙂

In the polymer clay version of Bargello, a striped polymer clay veneer is cut into thin strips perpendicular to the stripes – across the grain, so to speak. Then, the strips are placed one beside another with a slight offset, which creates the intended zigzag look. I made my initial striped veneer by using snakes of clay of different colors.

Bargello Bracelet | Polymer Clay | Anita

I applied TLS on a bracelet blank, draped the bargello’ed veneer over it, made sure it sat well, and baked the piece. I then applied 2-part epoxy resin over the bracelet. This part required some babysitting – I had to keep rotating the piece frequently so the resin wouldn’t pool at the bottom.

I loved how the bracelet turned out, and it felt good making jewelry with polymer clay after so long. I had so much fun that I’m thinking of making another bracelet in cooler colors. I’d like to use a different technique for the bracelet, though. I hope I get to it soon! 😉

And now, do check out my sister’s colorful card – I think the washi tapes in the background look very much like stripe polymer clay canes and Bettina Welker’s Pixelated Retro Blend canes. The similarity to polymer clay is pure coincidence, though. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Bargello Bracelet

  1. Yay!! 200 posts!! Congrats, sis!!
    Your bracelet looks like the perfect way to celebrate too – sparkle, shine colorful and gorgeous!! Wish I had somewhere to go so I could wear it!!

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  2. Your Bargello bracelet looks amazing, Anita! I love the vivid colors and the resin coating. I know how you felt when going back to making jewelry using clay. I also like to explore other media from time to time and learn new things, but then going back to clay is pure joy. Have a beautiful and creative day!

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  3. Hi Anita! Congratulations on your milestone, 200 posts are very respectful :)!
    I’d never heard about Bargello technique, but your bracelet looks amazing! Looking forward to see more of those beauties.
    Now I’ll be checking more about this technique.

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    1. Thanks, Cris, and thank you for your visits and comments – they’re much appreciated! I hope you find Bargello (in polymer clay form or otherwise) interesting. 🙂


  4. Congratulations on your 200th post ! That’s an awesome accomplishment. I look forward to the future hundreds more of your posts. ~applause~
    Love the bracelet. It’s beautiful. The colors are so cheerful. It’ll compliment many outfits. Well done!

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