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It’s Inspiration Station time! (Inspiration Station is where my sis and I throw themes at each other for our respective creative sessions.) It was my turn to choose a theme, and I zeroed in on journal covers, mostly made using polymer clay and sometimes other mixed media. Here’s a compilation of various journal covers that I chose for our inspiration –

Inspiration Station - Jul inspiration
(Sources from Pinterest, top-to-bottom, left-to-right)
Row 1: 01, 02, 03; Row 2: 01, 02, 03; Row 3: 01, 02, 03

I’m always amazed by the texture and intricacies on these covers, and though I’ve made some covers earlier, they’re quite simple. I lack the skills, and most definitely the patience, required for masterpieces like these. 🙂

For my creative session, I made a large mixed media tag to practice making more intricate textured stuff – maybe an art journal cover? – in the faraway future.

Journal Cover Inspired Mixed Media Tag | Anita

I used packaging cardboard as the base. I added texture by using modeling paste with a stencil, and applied black heavy gesso on it. I think I applied gesso on almost every component that I used. Addition of metallic waxes completed the base.

For a lot of the components on the tag, I used polymer clay in various forms – some from molds, and some extruded – and applied metallic waxes and acrylics on them.

Journal Cover Inspired Mixed Media Tag | Anita

I crocheted the base flowery shape, and used metallic acrylics on it – although I admit the metallic shine is not evident on it. For the additional shapes on and behind the flower, I used diecuts from waste card stock, with metallic waxes on them.

Assembling everything was incredibly fun. I added quite a few components that I hadn’t planned on originally, and discarded some that I’d earlier wanted to use. Everything new got a coat of metallic acrylics or waxes.

Journal Cover Inspired Mixed Media Tag | Anita

I added art stones into some nooks, with diluted acrylic paints over them. I also added an art pebble at the center of the flower for some extra shine. That completed my tag, ta da!

And now, do check out my sister’s incredibly textured card with amazing colors – it truly captures the spirit of the journal cover!

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    1. Thank you, Cynthia! I actually stretch the session over days since I still run out of patience to finish it in one! 😉 But I’m glad it works out that way.


    1. Thank you, Ginny! Adding so many textures required willpower since I’m not used to overloading a project, but I’ve come to learn that most mixed media art looks better this way. 🙂

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