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Burnt Metal Earrings | Inspiration Station

It’s Inspiration Station time! (This is where my sis and I work on our respective creative projects based on themes that we think of.)

It was my turn this time to come up with a theme, and I chose a modified version of a picture that I’d clicked of my sister’s alcohol ink experiments. All those alcohol inks – yum, isn’t it? 🙂

Inspiration Station - Apr inspiration
Inspiration Station – Apr inspiration

So for this reveal, I’m presenting a pair of polymer clay earrings that I made. To be honest, I didn’t create these earrings with this theme in mind – it turned out that after I made them, they fit what I would’ve made for the theme if I’d thought about it, so I decided to use them for the challenge. (Alcohol inks were another alternative that I was considering, but I still don’t have any alcohol-ink related ideas, so this is it.)

Burnt Metal Earrings | Polymer Clay | Anita

I made the beads by twisting a thick ribbon of polymer clay (either Sculpey Premo or Sculpey Soufflé – I forget which, but I think it’s Soufflé), and brushed various colors of Perfect Pearls over them. I find that I keep getting drawn to Perfect Pearls for my recent polymer clay projects, and I have absolutely no regrets about it. 🙂

I made holes in the beads before baking them. After the baking was done, I used a couple of bead caps, a head pin and an earring finding with each bead to build the earrings. Ta da! I love how simple they are, yet how textured!

And now, please check out my sister’s birdie card with a gorgeous alcohol ink background! She wows me with her projects every time.

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    1. Alysen, it’s been a while! Thanks for the visit, and hope you continue to feel better.
      Pearly sheens on plain surfaces are the best – they provide something to gaze upon!


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