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Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

It’s time for another We’re All Ears challenge! For February’s theme, Erin has drawn inspiration from artist Jon Foreman (aka Sculpt the World) who creates ephemeral land art. (Do check out his fantastic creations sometime!)

I read about the artist and checked out his work, and what resonated with me (other than the beauty of his creations, of course) was the meditative, therapeutic nature of his art. I would very much like to bring that to my jewelry-making this time, I thought, and made beads with dotted patterns on them. Some turned out okay, some didn’t, but all of them were meditative, and all of them became earrings –

Dotted Earrings - Polymer Clay | Anita

I made the beads by rolling up sheets of polymer clay into cylindrical beads. I then made thin snakes from contrasting colors of clay, cut small pieces from them, flattened them into discs, and pressed them onto the beads. I then baked the beads. To glaze the beads, I added a layer or two of clear liquid polymer clay, and used a heat gun to set it.

That’s all there is to the beads, but I have to say again that the entire dotting process was definitely therapeutic – I love how involved I was in the bead-making.

Dotted Earrings - Polymer Clay | Anita

To make the earrings, I ended up trying out a lot of mix-n-matching, using components that I already own, and baking some that I felt would work well with the dotted beads. At the end of it all, I’m pleased with this set!

Many thanks to Erin for the absolutely delightful challenge! Do head on over to Earrings Everyday for the reveal and blog hop – I, for one, can’t wait to see how others have been inspired by Foreman’s land art…

26 thoughts on “Dotted Earrings | We’re All Ears

  1. Your earrings are very beautiful, Anita! Love the inspiration photos too, they are like a hug to our planet, he needs it…
    P.S. – Is there a solution to recover hardened polymer clay?

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    1. Thank you, Cris! “A hug to our planet” – love how you put it!
      You could try to soften the clay by adding mineral oil to it (a few drops at a time) and working / conditioning it. But sometimes, the clay is too far gone and it won’t really work.


      1. Thanks Anita, I will give it a try. I’m not sure what mineral oil is here in PT, but when “googling” mineral oil, “Johnson’s” baby appeared… I hope it will do the job. I know it works wonderfully as one of the components to make DIY mold putty, as I made a few molds about 4 years ago or so, and they are still flexible and great. Here is the link to the video, in case you want to try:

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  2. I wish I had thought about adding the dots to mine as being a therapeutic exercise. It definitely would have made the process a little more freeing. Knowing that yours were created in such a manner makes me like them even more! And, they look almost lampwork-like with the layers of liquid clay on them. Beautifully done!

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    1. Thanks, Hope! I do love the effect of liquid clay on the beads.
      I’d say any kind of creative session (therapeutic or not) is still better than no creative session at all. :o)


  3. I love how you took this inspiration to be more in the direction of the mindfulness of the process. The outcome is just perfect and really does capture the meditative quality of creating so very well! These are bright and happy pieces. Thanks for playing along with me in the We’re All Ears challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

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