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Henna on Blue Earrings | We’re All Ears

A brand new year means checking out Colors of the Year from various sources. 🙂 And the We’re All Ears January challenge has done exactly that – Erin provided a list of Colors of 2020, and asked us to base our earrings on one or more of these colors. The colors are:

I chose Classic Blue and First Light for my polymer clay earrings. The earrings have this henna look that I really like.

Henna on Blue Earrings | Polymer Clay | Anita

I used Premo Soufflé for these earrings. For the oval focal beads, I used an elliptical cutter, with a plastic sheet placed over the clay to make the edge slightly domed rather than straight. I then worked on the beads using the appliqué technique, adding thin lines and tiny dots of pink/beige clay. I used a small ball stylus to shape petals from the dots.

For the top of the earrings, I cut out round shapes from the same blue clay, and added matte texture by pressing a piece of sponge onto them. To have the earrings look a bit modern, I chose to not embellish these.

For the back of the beads, I cut out matching shapes, and added texture using a sponge. To each component, I adhered a backing sheet and jump ring connectors using some TLS. To the circular components, I also added earring posts. I then baked all components.

Henna on Blue Earrings | Polymer Clay | Anita

To finish the earrings, I joined all the components using jump rings, and added a bunch of Loreal beads at the top and bottom for additional glamor. I chose to make the earrings asymmetrical by orienting the focal beads in opposite directions.

I adore how lightweight the earrings are because of the Premo Soufflé! And I just love the color and the patterns. ❤ I really must use appliqué more – it needs focus and is calming.

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18 thoughts on “Henna on Blue Earrings | We’re All Ears

  1. Great minds think alike, Miss Anita! I love these sweet little swingy earrings! I love that they have motion and textured. I love that you did a similar sort of slab technique. I like your leaves. I will have to try that next with my ball tool! Thanks again for playing along with me for the We’re All Ears challenge! Cheers to the new year! Enjoy the day. Erin

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    1. Thank you Erin! I’d love to see what else you make with your slabs. I’m glad that you are keeping the challenge alive this year too.


  2. I love the shades of blue that you created. Thank you for sharing that you used an elliptical cutter, with a plastic sheet placed over the clay to make the edge slightly domed rather than straight. I loved seeing the appliqué technique that you used. I was not familiar with it until reading your blog. I need to give it a try. The results are beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Cris! I’ve had so much success with unplanned outcomes compared to meticulously planned ones, that I’ve been thinking of trying to jump in without a plan in my next few projects, and seeing how it goes! 🙂


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