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100 Days | Art Journal (8)

I’ve made quite a few art journal pages now. I think my current struggle is not with the creating, but with catching up and posting about the pages I’ve created so far. πŸ™‚ Clicking pictures of them during daylight is made hard by either my day job, or the current cloudy spell, or by me falling sick due to the fluctuating weather…

This batch of pages have me using my long-lost drawing skills. And I’ve started using stamping a lot more now.

The first page was me trying out new stencils again, with watercolors this time. (My sis and I bought quite a few.) I love them all! As for the page in the middle – I started it with a gelprint negative at top right, the placement of which I immediately regretted. The rest of the page is just me doing random stuff to make the gelprint less obvious.

The final page was where I tried an image transfer at the edges – that’s the black print that’s visible. It didn’t go as great as it did with my experiment on polymer clay. Then a honeycomb gelprint on the page didn’t go as well as I expected. Since I’d spent a lot of time on it already, I just fingerpainted some flowers, and drew & colored in some bees around them.

The drawing that I tried out made me want to keep working on my drawing skills, and what better way is there than to try out something that one is really scared of doing? πŸ˜‰ So I drew and painted a face. Since it didn’t turn out as horrible as I thought it would, I incorporated it into an art journal page along with a stencil-aided hand-drawn butterfly. I stuck the face and the butterfly components only partially so they throw shadows on the page.

The second page started out by adhering scrap pages, and evolved through repeated gelprints for the background, and gelprints and watercolors for the foreground. I also outlined the white blobs / bubbles and scribble-journaled around them. The third page is another experiment with mixed media and drawing. I cut scrap paper from previous gelprints for the ‘fabric’.

In the first page here, I tried various paints and gelprints, and I used my left hand to draw the columns of scribbles. Count on one’s non-dominant hand for guaranteed haphazardness! πŸ˜‰ The page in the middle has texture using modeling paste on a stencil. I tried out a lot of stuff here, including acrylics, distress inks, stamping, and even hand-lettering; and I’m pretty happy with the end result.

For page #3, I colored the central paper scrap using gelprinting and hand-tore it, before writing a quote on it and crumpling the paper. I love the crumpled look. To add to the rustic nature of the focal component, I also glued in a column of thread near the edge of the page.

Do you draw much? Do you have a favorite item or technique that you keep going back to?

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10 thoughts on “100 Days | Art Journal (8)

  1. Dear Anita, I admired every journal page. Each one had something special …. colorful and eye-catching. I also love the result of your hand drawing experiments. The face drawing looks very nice. You had a very creative and productive year!

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    1. Thank you, Mihaela! I’m drawing much more now, and it’s more engrossing and meditative than I imagined. I hope to have another productive year ahead, and I wish you the same as well! πŸ™‚

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