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100 Days | Art Journal (7)

Still going strong with my art journal! I’ve not been a fan of adding quotes or writing in my art journals, but in this batch, I thought I’d go out of my comfort zone and try it out at places. It didn’t feel as weird as it usually feels. I’ve probably gone from “gawd no!” to “uhhh…” which is a huge leap. 🙂

I added a bit of distress ink based stenciling at specific places to complement the randomness of my current gelprinting results. I love the overlapping of alphabet stenciling in blue. The second page is a rescue from a gelprint failure. With the help of a gelli plate, I fingerpainted flowers over the failed print, and then used a flat brush to paint the leaves.

In the third page, I tried using an old credit card as a squeegee again, but it’s not really working out. I’m wondering if it needs lighter body paints to play nice. I added lots of dots – gelprinted, stenciled, and fingerpainted – to provide some contrast to the squeegeed lines.

The first page here was meditative, since I drew and painted each component by hand on a background of brayer-rolled colors. I love the process as well as the result! The second page is a mixture of gelprinting and mostly watercoloring. And some scribbling.

For the third page, I tried a technique to lift watercolors with a stencil – apply paint, place a stencil, then wipe away (lift) the paint from areas not covered by the stencil. It turned out okay, but I tried to darken it and messed it up, and then made a dreamcatcher with gel pens over the remnants. Then I tried some hand-lettering at the edge, which didn’t turn out bad at all. I think my salvage pages turn out better than my actual pages, lol! 😛

The first page is again a distress ink test with new stencils! I split the other two pages so I get four creative sessions from them. The landscape in page #2 is a mix of acrylics for the sky, and scrap paper from previous gelprinting sessions for the knolls. I used watercolor pencils for the windmills (which could be mistaken for trees from afar.) The bottom of this page has something random that I made for lack of time.

Page #3 has coloring experiments on the top half, with acrylics for the background, and distress inks with stencils for the foreground. Plus some hand-lettering at the edge. The bottom has the same color-lifting technique that I talked about earlier, with much better results. I also scribbled a quote on the outside edge of the pattern with a thinner and grayer pen.

I flipped through the pages I’ve made so far, and guess what, I feel happy! 🙂

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