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Ruby Steel Earrings | We’re All Ears

It’s time for yet another We’re All Ears challenge.

Erin had an interesting theme this month – names from a random name generator! She generated a list of names for us to choose from; or, she said, we could generate names on our own. And make earrings that suit the name. For my earrings, I selected a name – Ruby Steel – from Erin’s haul of names.

Ruby Steel Earrings | We're All Ears | Anita

I started with a rolled-out polymer clay sheet of silver. I pressed the clay onto a texture sheet, and cut out rectangular beads. For the black border, I rolled a thin snake of black clay, and pressed it gently around the perimeter of the beads. I baked the beads for a short while to harden them.

For the back of the beads, I added some texture to a sheet of the same black clay as the border. To each bead, I adhered a backing sheet, and jump ring connectors at top and bottom, with some TLS. I then baked the beads completely.

To finish the beads, I applied metallic acrylic paint on the raised areas. It gives them a really nice sheen.

For the earrings, I connected two glass beads and a finding to each bead. Love! ❤

To check out the names that other guests have chosen, and how they’ve interpreted their selections, please visit Earrings Everyday!

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    1. Thank you, Ginny! I’m happy you think the earrings fit the name. My sister has already taken them out for a spin, and you’re right, they do seem good for various occasions. 🙂

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