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100 Days | Art Journal (3)

I’m keeping up with my goal of making art journal pages for a hundred days to help with my creative mojo. (The goal is not an ‘every day’ one though, since I don’t want this to become a chore instead of a creative retreat.)

For a few of the pages here, I experimented with tactile textures by using (a) modeling paste and (b) dried flowers and their petals. I’m also using metallic acrylic paints a bit more than I did earlier.

I’m finding gel printing more enjoyable (and addictive) when I pull a lot of random ‘partial’ prints – quite often, my ‘full’ prints don’t turn out well and complete. I’ve also started smooshing paint on gelli plates for random effects. As a result, I’m beginning to relate to gel printing and gelli plates now, and consider them as fun. Yay!

I use A5 sized pages for my journaling. I wanted to work smaller on some days though, so I split the work area on two of the pages in half so I get four A6 sized work areas for four sessions. In one of these sessions, I tried out watercolors with stencils, inspired by a video from Susanne Rose. No gelli plate, of course.

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