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Stormy Earrings | We’re All Ears

For this month’s We’re All Ears challenge, Erin chose Storms as the theme. Storms, being a force of nature, are hard not to get inspired by. 🙂 My polymer clay earrings are inspired by the torrential rain during a storm, and the gentle ripples from stray post-storm raindrops hitting a puddle. As usual, the design for these earrings started out as something and ended up as something else. 🙂

Stormy Earrings | Polymer Clay | Anita

The smaller triangles depict raindrop-caused ripples, and I used Mokume Gane for the veneer, with light and dark blue clay. I’m pretty happy about the Mokume Gane since it’s the first time the technique has worked with me and created what I wanted. 🙂 The larger triangles depict stormy rains, and I made a veneer after twisting a few leftover light and dark blue clay strips together.

After baking the triangles, I backfilled their sides with hot pink clay (and baked them again, of course.) This color combination works really well for some apparel that I own – blue tops with hot pink accents – that seems to a long-running trend in Bangalore now. I used the Jessama Smear technique from Jessama Tutorials for the backfilling. It’s a lot of careful work but is incredibly satisfying and provides a wonderful finish to edges!

I drilled ear-wire holes so the stars form asymmetrical earrings. In spite of trying a few finishes – including making hot pink seed beads by rolling white beads in alcohol ink (looks like they need more dunking), I still haven’t figured out one that I like – so the finishing will definitely change. But I’m pretty happy with the rest of the ensemble.

A huge thanks to Erin for hosting the challenge! Please check out storm-inspired earrings by other guests in the challenge reveal at Earrings Everyday.

16 thoughts on “Stormy Earrings | We’re All Ears

  1. I really love the whole ripples in puddle theme. I think your colors are really beautiful. The pink is an unexpected jolt that really reminds me that the showers bring beautiful flowers. I have never tried the Jessama Smear but I really should. I like the way that looks. Thanks for playing along with me at Earrings Everyday. Enjoy the day! Erin

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    1. Thank you very much for the challenge, Erin! Imagining flowers from the pink – I think you nailed it, bright pink does seem perfect for the colors and freshness that the rain brings.


  2. To be able to use a technique and then declare the technique has worked and I created what I wanted, is really what we all hope for. Congrats on your success! The colors and pattern of your earrings are wonderful.

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    1. Thank you, Terry! This is one of those times when I knew the color combination would work, since I’ve seen it in the dresses I mentioned, lol. 😉


    1. Thank you, Mihaela! It feels great when the creator’s theme or vision is actually visible in their work. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

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  3. Your earrings remind me of water puddles and colourful raincoats. I hope that you have a fruitful and not a painful monsoon this year in Bangalore.

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    1. Thank you, Rozantia! You’re right, of course. Rain, snow, sun – all of them seem very inconvenient up close, but so inspiring from afar. 🙂


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