A Shadowbox Begins

Wow, did this month fly by or what! It feels like only yesterday that I thought the Art Elements theme of the month, Repurposing, was perfect for a project that I’d been thinking of, and it’s already reveal time. Many thanks to Lesley Watt for hosting this theme, since it turned out to be the spark that got this project started.

We’d taken out a new set of teacups a few months ago, and since then, I’d been holding on to the styrofoam container they came in, because it was perfect for a shadowbox!

Styrofoam Shadowbox: WIP

However, I’ll add some emphasis on the first statement of this post, because I couldn’t complete as much as I’d thought I would. To compensate for the lack of creative time last month, I think I put my fingers in too many pies this month. πŸ™‚ So I’ll just list the few steps that I’ve completed in the project as of today. So far, I have:

  • Decoupaged the styrofoam surface with newspaper
  • Added some texture by crudely adhering cheap toilet paper onto the surface
  • Applied gesso over the surface
  • Brushed some yellow / orange acrylics over it

All of these steps were interspersed with a lot of waving around of a heat gun, and then, because the surface still seemed a bit springy to the touch, letting it dry overnight and get some sun through the day as well.

I like how it looks so far. Next, I’ll add more acrylics of orange / red / brown shades, and try out some ideas for decorating the shadowbox with other material. Hopefully by then, I’ll have figured out what goes into the shadowbox, because let’s leave the most important stuff till the end! πŸ™‚

Coincidentally, some of my other projects this month fit the repurposing theme too, but they’re not a part of this reveal, and I’ve already talked about them. Though I couldn’t complete something for the reveal, I had a lot of fun this month, and it feels great after the crafty scarcity of last month!

More repurposing: a trinket box made from packaging cardboard base, scrap clay, and paper from a manual; and a shawl (which I’m still working on) using yarn reclaimed from an earlier project.

This is a blog hop, so if you’d like to check out what the other guests and the Art Elements team have repurposed for their artsy projects, do head over to their blogs linked below!

Guests: Tammy β€’ Alysen β€’ Evie & Beth β€’ Karin β€’ Hope β€’ Divya β€’ Anita (you’re here) β€’ Sarajo β€’ Kathy β€’ Rebecca β€’ Martha

AE Team: Niky β€’ Laney β€’ Cathy β€’ Caroline β€’ Jen β€’ Jenny β€’ Sue β€’ Claire β€’ Lesley


38 thoughts on “A Shadowbox Begins

  1. Great way to repurpose packing material into a shadow box. You’re such a clever crafter. Your trinket box is fun and a wonderful holder for special items. Love the shawl, it’s going to be a gorgeous accessory when you get it finished. πŸ˜€

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  2. what a clever idea to use decoupage to cover a styrofoam I would never had thought of that so will add that tip to my ever growing list of things to try’! Your trinklet box is very pretty too πŸ˜€

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  3. I’m glad we inspired you to get going on your project and it sounds like it will be fantastic when finished.Thank you for joining us in this challenge.

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    • Thank you for the eco-conscious theme, Lesley! Great ideas and fantastic creativity from everyone this month – I see future projects inspired by more than a few of them.


  4. Oh, I cannot wait to see how you finish this shadowbox. I was initially thrown off by it being styrofoam, but knowing that you covered it makes so much sense. And, since styrofoam is so tough on the environment, it’s really fab that you found a way to work with it for upcycling. Here’s hoping you can get more creative time in soon!

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    • Thank you, Hope! Absolutely, upcycling styrofoam is a special kind of joy. πŸ™‚ I’d rather not buy things packaged in it, but that’s a little harder…


  5. I can’t wait to see what you put in the repurposed shadow box. I love the shawl! The pattern is so beautiful and I think the yarn is perfect for it. April sure did fly by, didn’t it? I don’t even think I posted on my blog this month. I do hope that time slows a bit so we can enjoy it a bit more πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you, Ginny! I definitely would like time to slow down – I need to not only do things and catch up with folks, but also do nothing. πŸ™‚ Right now, one or more of these always suffers.

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  6. I really like your tray conversion into a shadow box. I might even give that a try. I love the look of them. Your trinket box is beautiful and I am sure your shawl will be lovely. Well done!

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    • Thank you, Kathy! It’s wonderfully inspiring to see all the ideas from the theme, and I’m looking forward to seeing your shadowbox when you make it. πŸ™‚


    • Absolutely true, Jenny! Repurposing non-biodegradable materials that would otherwise have been trashed injects that extra dose of accomplishment to the process, doesn’t it!


  7. I love your repurposed styrofoam shadow box. I can just imagine some beautiful little trinkets/treasures tucked into those nooks.your trinket box is absolutely gorgeous-the details and the colors are fabulous.

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  8. Great start to the shadow box! I hope we get to see the rest at some point πŸ™‚ The other projects totally count for this challenge too. I’ve recently frogged a couple knitting projects I never finished and realize I never will, to reclaim the yarn. The trinket box turned out so great! I love that old crusty looking texture on the lid. Thanks for participating! It’s always fun to see what you do.

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    • Thanks, Jen! I hope to work on the shadowbox some more this weekend. I find it’s actually a relief when I frog my knitting, since it was obviously not working out earlier, and I know the yarn can now be used in a project that I’d love to make and use. The crusty looking texture is sand (!) – a brilliant idea from my sister. πŸ™‚


  9. You got me with the teaser, I’m so impatient to see what you put inside the shadow box! And you managed to stir some ideas in my head, too πŸ™‚

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