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Icicle Earrings

This month, Erin thought of the theme Frozen (no, not the movie, though she says that works too) for the We’re All Ears Challenge. With the Polar Vortex wreaking havoc on temperatures, one needs to use the snow and frost for inspiration. I live in more temperate climates, so I used the beautiful winter pictures in Erin’s post as inspiration, and made icicle-like polymer clay earrings, with a beady twist added in.

Icicle Earrings | Anita

The icicle components were a lot of fun to make, and this is the most measuring I’ve done in a while. πŸ™‚ All components steadily increase in dimension, and have a mixture of translucent clay and purplish blue clay in varying proportions. The smallest components are a 1:1 mix, whereas the largest are pure translucent clay.

The component colors looked fine by themselves, but brushing some Perfect Pearls over them took them a level higher. Even here, I used a progressive mixture of white and blue to mimic the component color gradations.

When the components were done baking, I strung them along with jump rings into two bunchy chains. One of the components chipped, and I swapped in a beaded component that I’d salvaged from an earlier project. When attached to ear wires, the icicle bunches became subtly gorgeous earrings! I loved wearing them to work earlier this week.

This is a blog hop, and I hope you’ll join me in checking out more inspired earrings at Earrings Everyday!

20 thoughts on “Icicle Earrings

  1. This in an interesting pattern Anita and it reminds me of the “Chillies” keychains and earrings that are very common in south india

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    1. Ah it does, doesn’t it! Thank you for the chillies reference – it’s just inspired another idea in me that’ll go into my notebook for when my mojo is lacking. πŸ™‚

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  2. These are so fun! I bet they have a lot of movement when they’re worn. And, I love the addition of the perfect pearls to them to give them an icy sparkle!

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  3. Beautiful earrings, Anita! They are the perfect winter earrings. Sweet little frozen, blue, sparkly icicles. I also think that paired with the perfect floral blouse in Spring, they would also work. They could also work for going to the ocean or the beach. I think you have an all year pair of earrings there :). They are beautiful!

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    1. Thank you, Ginny! Winter has retreated here, but the earrings worked great with a simple white-blouse-blue-jeans attire that I wore to work the other day. That covers all seasons, lol…


  4. I always forget that not everyone is in a deep freeze like we are! I do love the look of snow and ice and winter, just not being out in it or driving in it. I think that these are perfect! I love that you can make your own components that suit any mood or theme with polymer clay. That is the best! Thanks for joining in the fun of the We’re All Ears challenge. Enjoy the day! Erin

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