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Sweet Dreams Earrings

Another month ends, and brings another Art Elements reveal with it. Lindsay Starr hosts this month’s theme – Moon.

At first, I thought this was perfect to try out gel prints with a recently accidentally bought gelli plate (we found we’d ordered a round one instead of a square one.) But I still have hit-or-miss results with gel printing (and you can guess which it was this time), so I came back to jewelry.

I tried out an idea that I had of connecting points around wire hoop earring bases with wire to form a crescent moon. The wire didn’t work out, but I felt good old thread would.

Sweet Dreams Earrings | Anita
As usual, this look wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I started out, and as usual, I really like it. πŸ™‚

I changed the wire idea a bit to suit the thread. I first crocheted along a portion of the hoop. Then came out a needle, and I wove the thread back and forth between the crochet stitches to form a crescent shape.

I wanted to add streamers to the moons, but crochet wouldn’t create them as thin as I liked, and macramΓ© would have worked better if only the thread was a bit thicker. πŸ™‚ So instead, I added some really tiny charms, and I think this turned out better than the streamer idea. I wondered whether to embellish the moons with seed beads or sequins, but sometimes, simple is best, and I left it as is.

It looks like quite a few artists have been inspired by Lindsay’s theme, and we’re in for a treat! Hope you’ll check out their interpretations in the blog hop.

Guests: Jenny β€’ Melissa β€’ Kathy β€’ Sarajo β€’ Hope β€’ Sarah β€’ Rebecca β€’ Divya β€’ Anita (you’re here) β€’ Rosantia β€’ Cat β€’ Evia β€’ Alysen β€’ Beth β€’ Tammy

Art Elements Crew: Claire β€’ Laney β€’ Caroline β€’ Cathy β€’ SueΒ  β€’ Niky β€’ Jenny β€’ Jen β€’ Lindsay


50 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Earrings

  1. Oh, a round Gel Plate!? That sounds fun. I think I have a mini round one and didn’t even consider using it. I was too consumed with the project I ended up making I guess. I hope to see what you do make with it in the future though. For now, those earrings are sublime. I really like the juxtaposition of soft thread and metal elements. It does have a sweet dream-like quality.

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    1. I haven’t gotten used to the rectangular gel plate yet! πŸ˜‰ Your project for this month turned out just amazing, but if you do end up using your gel plate sometime, I’d love to see what you make.


    1. Thank you Cathy, and sorry for the lack of process pictures – I don’t usually click them… If it helps your imagination – assuming 30 crocheted stitches, I wove my thread from stitch 1 to somewhere before half point (say stitch 12) to st-2 to st-13 to st-3 to st-14 and so on, and that results in this.


  2. Aww, the earrings are so cute and lovely! The turned out wonderful and the contrast between all the elements really works so well! I am curious what you will do with your gelli plate! On my idea list was also some resist monoprints using vintage moon prints (with our laser printer they work really well) but I couldn’t find time or energy for that… but now it moved to my to-do list

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    1. Thank you, Claire! I’m kinda curious about what I’ll make with the gelli plate too, lol… Anyway, step one is to get better at it. I’m looking forward to your creations, from your list and otherwise.


  3. Sometimes the challenges are what makes something even better than the original plan. Gorgeous work! I adore these earrings! And the tiny charms are just perfect! Thank you for participating in another one of our challenges. Looking forward to seeing you participate in the future too!

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    1. Thank you so much, Alysen! (So into the blog hop this evening that I haven’t seen my IG yet, hehe…) Sorry about the lack of detail in the picture, but the earring’s base wire turns into a loop-and-hook mechanism at the back.


  4. Crochet is as mysterious to me as the moon is. Your earrings are so delicate and beautiful, so luminous! They don’t need streamers at all! Thank you for playing along with us!

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