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Starry Earrings

I guess it’s celestial object inspiration month for me. After the tiny comet earrings that I talked about recently, I made some tiny star earrings! I ended up using leftovers from previous projects for both earring pairs, so they manage to fit the theme of the We’re All Ears Annual Use-Your-Leftovers challenge. (Thank you, Erin, for never failing to host inspiring challenges!)

Starry Earrings | Anita

For these, I used the same leftover clay from my failures in a previous project as I did for the comet charms, and salvaged components from a pair of earrings that I wasn’t wearing much.

I cut out the stars from the clay sheet using a tiny cutter. Similar to the comet charms, I embedded a large jump ring between two stars to make charms with bails. I applied some chalks on the charms for color, and experimented with smearing TLC over each star. It seemed to not smear the chalks, so I went ahead and partially covered each charm with chunky translucent glitter and Perfect Pearls. Off to the oven these went for a bake.

When the charms came out of the oven, I brushed another layer of TLC over the entire surface of each charm, and waved a heat gun over them to set the TLC.

Now all I needed to do was add each charm and a salvaged component to a jump ring, and finish it up with an ear wire! These tiny earrings look really cute, and I can’t decide if I love these or the comet ones more…

Don’t forget to head on over to the blog hop at Earrings Everyday for more luscious earrings from stash leftovers! And hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

20 thoughts on “Starry Earrings

  1. Your earrings have a lot of details that is not visible at first look but requires closer inspection. Great idea of using jumprings to create movement

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  2. Your use of leftover clay was a great idea! It sounds like quite a bit went into these to get them just the way you wanted, but they’re quite lovely! I guess it was worth it!!

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  3. Super cute shining stars! At first glance I thought they might be glass. What wonders you can make with polymer clay! It never ceases to amaze me. I have been discovering the uses of TLC in the past year and I love the effects you can get. Thank you for playing along in the leftover challenge at We’re All Ears. Here’s to a creative 2019! Erin

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    1. Polymer clay is wonderfully versatile indeed, Erin! Thank you for hosting the We’re All Ears challenges; I’m looking forward to them next year as well. Hope you have a great 2019.


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