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Icy Blue Earrings

This month’s We’re All Ears challenge on Earrings Everyday goes a bit meta – it is inspired by another contest! 🙂 The original contest was Circles are the New Triangles, and was hosted by Spoonflower (where you can create custom-designed textiles – oooh!) Erin at Earrings Everyday rightly thought that the designs are fun inspirations for some earrings.

One of the designs caught my eye, since I’d bought a white dress with blue prints recently. It was one of those happy times when I instantly knew which inspired elements my earrings would contain – circles! triangles! fabric! white! blue! – and which technique I’d want to use – antiquing! Though the concept for these earrings is icy blue, looking at the results, I feel like there’s a bit of spring hiding in them too.

Icy Blue Earrings | Anita

I began by rolling out a sheet of white Premo! at medium thickness, and poked pits into it in circular patterns. I then cut out triangular shapes for the focal beads, cut out arcs from their tops, smoothened the edges and faces, and baked them.

Now for the antiquing. I smeared slightly thinned blue acrylic paint on the beads and into their recesses, and after a while, wiped it off from the raised surfaces. I repeated the process once more, and lightly sanded the surfaces to remove unwanted paint. I then drilled two holes each along the top arc.

The beads were now ready for a thin coat of Vintaj glaze, and I left them to dry overnight since it was already pretty late in the day.

The next morning, I added a small jump ring to each of the holes, and connected them to a larger jump ring so it nestles in the top arc of each bead. I also added an earring finding to each of the larger jump rings.

For additional interest, I cut strips from some spare threadbare blue/green fabric, and used a lark’s head knot to tie each strip at the intersection of jump ring and earring finding. I dabbed E6000 at the back of each knot to secure it, and snipped away the ends a bit more.

I totally love this pair, and it’s a perfect fit for my dress.

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21 thoughts on “Icy Blue Earrings

  1. They look very quirky and artsy not ot mention very pretty. I Once tried using vintaj glaze on clay and it turned sticky just after a few days in Chennai weather. How do you manage the stickiness.

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    1. Thank you, Divya! My first attempt saw the glaze get pretty tacky too. I haven’t figured out why it isn’t that bad anymore – maybe the thinner coats with the longer setting time? Or maybe it’s just the colder weather that’s on right now in Bangalore…

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        1. It definitely does, and not just for sealants. Quite a few polymer clay techniques that seem easy in tutorials (where they have colder weather) are difficult here for me! 🙂


  2. What a great design! They really reference the blue and white circles, which I loved. You wouldn’t need to use a glaze or coating, but if you do, you might want to experiment with liquid clay. I like the Sculpey Translucent Liquid Bakeable Clay as it has a nice soft matte finish. They also have a new one that is called Clear and is more glossy. I have also tried Kato Liquid Poly Clay and I think it has a rubbery feel to it. You can rebake them or use an industrial heat gun (be VERY careful not to burn yourself or the clay!). Check out the blog of Debbie Crothers for a little info about this (I think it is in a free tutorial that I saw this). Thanks for playing along with We’re All Ears! Enjoy the day! Erin

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    1. Thank you for the fun challenge, and for all the info, Erin! I’m waiting for liquid clay to become more readily available in India 🙂 – I’d love to play with it.


  3. Earrings have always been my favourite flavour of jewellery. Yours are unique and well thought out, not to mention lovely. I enjoy your well written posts sharing your jewellery making techniques. Thank you.

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