Another Notebook Cover

Whoo! My first ‘combination’ project from the PCA courses — another notebook cover, which isn’t remotely similar to the first one I made.

Notebook cover, from multiple PCA courses

I used Sculpey Terracotta clay for the cover’s base, Sculpey III and Fimo Effects for the components, and a whole lot of TLS to bind things together. I’ve used learnings from all these courses —

  • Notebook cover fundamentals from Anke Humpert’s course — the most difficult part here was getting a uniform base layer, since the layer’s bigger than my pasta machine. 🙂
  • Inlay pattern from Suzanne Ivester’s course — this was the one that took the longest time. Also, the non-uniform depth of the stamping at the very edges — I need to figure out a way to handle this. I tried using a paper layer between the clay and the stamp’s edges to prevent it from pressing too much into the clay, but that didn’t help much at all.
  • Succulents from Cindi McGee’s course — I wish I had chalk pastels for subtle shading. I tried paints and it didn’t look so great. Perfect Pearls it is, then!
  • Flower shaping and mosaics from Christi Friesen’s course — I used Perfect Pearls for the shine. I have other ideas for gold leaves / foils, and hopefully they’ll turn out good.
  • Stripey borders from Lisa Pavelka’s course — Of course, the Terracotta clay turned out to be too smooshy to retain the uniformity of layers while cutting, but that does contribute to the organic look, I think?

I’d originally thought of only 2, or 3, projects to combine, but as I kept working on this one, I just kept adding stuff. Good thing I stopped eventually, huh? 🙂

I hope this cover lasts, and doesn’t get damaged while handling. I’ve kept even the raised elements close to the ground, so to speak, so there’s less danger of them getting chipped, but one isn’t usually very careful when using a notebook, right?

8 thoughts on “Another Notebook Cover

  1. Being careful or not with a a notebook depends. There is more danger at a construction site than, say, at a desk, right? The notebook cover is beautiful!

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      1. I like the idea of a beaded hard hat or helmet. Or with any kind of fimo or whatever decoration. You might be on to something. Shirtless, tanned guys on the construction site wearing tasteful, colorful helmets.

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  2. Beautiful notebook! I am sure you will find wonderful things to write inside. I’m sure it will hold up well. A friend of mine made me a notebook with a clay mermaid on the top and I use it often, and on a glass desk. It has held up well over the last couple of years. The cover was not made of clay but she decorated the entire front with clay. I just love it and it has so far been quite durable. I’m sure yours will hold up well also. You will love looking at it admiringly, before writing in it. It is so pretty.

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    1. Thank you, Ginny! I’m really glad to hear your experience – gives me a little more hope! 😀 Looking forward to using (and admiring) the book. 😄


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