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Mix-n-match necklaces

Mix-n-match necklacesTired of not having matching necklaces for the myriad saris that my sister and I own, I made these mix-n-match ones. We’ll combine one or more of these to suit the colors of our saris better.

Each necklace has 3 strands of related (or opposing) colors in it. The strands are made of seed beads randomly interspersed with a bigger glass bead or two of a similar color. They’re all secured together using crimp ends.

Just to keep it fun, I also made a slightly shorter single-strand necklace with a lot of glass beads in it.

Mix-n-match necklacesOf course, to really complete a mix-n-match combination and turn it into a necklace proper, it still needs split rings and clasps, which I’ve conveniently omitted here. 🙂