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My very own asymmetric long chain necklace

Oh yay! My first attempt at an asymmetric necklace is successful, I must say.

Asymmetric Long Chain Necklace
Asymmetric Long Chain Necklace

The necklace is 90cm (36″) long overall. I started out wanting to make something just like this, and this is one of the few times the result of my work resembles whatever is in my head when I begin.

How I made this

I cut out 5 lengths of copper-colored flexible wire, each measuring about 25cm (10″.) I gathered them into a bunch and secured one end of it using a crimp end. Then I started working with each wire individually, adding beads and securing them. I used a whole lot of assorted beads for this — seed beads, bugle beads, glass beads — of different colors. I strung one or more beads into the wire, and added a simple knot. I repeated the stringing and knotting until about 3-4cm (1.5″) was left in each wire. To make it look more random, I crisscrossed the wires, and loosely plaited them, and wound some wires around some others — anything that would make the piece look unstructured. I then picked up the free ends of all those wires, strung more beads into each — no knots this time — and carefully secured this bunch again using a crimp end. There weren’t any extras for me to snip off, but you could do that now if you have wires showing. This completed the assorted-beads portion of the necklace.Asymmetric Long Chain NecklaceNext was the jump rings section. I connected medium-sized jump rings into a chain until I was happy with its length, and connected one end to the crimp end of the beads segment that I just completed.

For the long chain, I used some shiny black yarn from my stash, and strung some brown flat beads and black spherical beads at some distance from their neighbors. To secure the beads, I added simple knots around them. The knots kinda show because the yarn stretched when I finally wore the necklace; the stretching tightened the knots, pushing them away from the beads. But I don’t mind that very much this time. 🙂

I used crimp ends again to secure the ends of the long chain. I attached the earlier jump ring section to one of the crimp ends, and used a small jump ring to connect the other end to the one from the assorted beads segment. (Remember, only one end of the assorted-beads segment was connected to something else. Yes, to the jump rings section, see, I knew you’d remember! 🙂 )

That completed the chain. I tried wearing it a number of different ways, and I like how it looks…

Asymmetric Long Chain NecklaceAnd here’s a (post-processing-effects-added) photo of a happy me wearing it –Asymmetric Long Chain NecklaceSooo… what do you think of the chain?

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