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Flowery bracelet charm

Gosh has it been a long time since I made some jewelry! I’ve been looking for thicker gauge wire here in Bangalore / India, but my net is still empty, and I’m taking a break from the search now. Meanwhile, I’ve not tried to create more jewelry with the same old coils of wire I have — every idea that comes to me (both from within and without) is either followed by a ‘been there, done that’ reaction, or requires equipment that is difficult to procure here.

Not thinking about jewelry ideas and not creating pieces should free up some time, right? In theory, yes, but in reality, I don’t know where that time disappears, because my life seems busier than ever, although at the end of each day I can’t figure out what I really did that day. Like air rushing in to fill up vacuum, I guess mundane stuff has rushed in to fill up free time. I’ve been thinking of making some paper jewelry but not really getting to it; now is probably the time to shake off those cobwebs…

Speaking of ‘been there, done that’ — remember these flowery earrings I made a while back:
Flowery earringsI decided to make a companion piece to the earrings — a charm that I can attach to a bracelet. I made it the same way I made the earrings (click on the earrings for details on how), except I also added a second, independent eye loop at the opposite end.

Flowery bracelet charm
Flowery bracelet charm

I made the eye loop by first choosing the two beads between which I wanted that loop. 😛 I cut a small length of wire and passed it below the wire connecting the two beads. I wound one end of the wire around its other end to secure it, and shaped the other end into a loop. I then snipped off the extra lengths, of course. It was a bit more difficult than the other eye loop because there’s nothing to secure your wire while you work with it, but it’s not so difficult that one cannot manage it! 🙂

What do you think? Perfect match, or not really? Would you make it differently?

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    1. Orange is the new Black, KG! 😛 I’m glad it matches, I should pick something to wear to go with this set when we meet 😉 (though I know I’ve missed a lot of meet-ups now.)


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