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Azure tears

I had my brand new turquoise seed beads in my hand, wondering what I can make with them, and then I remembered that I have these azure beads in my stash. So the seed beads became an accompaniment instead of going solo.Azure tearsI wanted to make something tear-shaped, but not exactly tear-shaped. So as a compromise, I made some ‘geometric’ tears. šŸ™‚

I cut two lengths of about 10-12cm of 22-gauge wire for this, because I wanted to loosely secure the ends; you might want a cm or two more if you want to wrap a larger amount of wire at the ends. I started each piece by threading the wire through the azure bead, and used my chain-nose pliers to shape it in roughly triangular or rhombus shapes around the bead. From time to time, I strung in a seed bead.

When I want to work on earrings, I usually like to work on both simultaneously, repeating small steps on both. That makes it easier to keep them looking the same — okay, almost the same. šŸ˜‰ And that’s what I did here as well.

So after the shaping on both earrings, and some pressing and prodding just to be completely sure they’re (almost) the same, I added earring findings to complete the pair.

I love how the seed beads add that extra something to these earrings! šŸ™‚

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