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Meshy envelope earrings

I love the colors on these earrings, and the texture. ❀ What gave them this texture, you ask? If you read the title of this post, you already know πŸ™‚ — a paper envelope lined on the inside with a loose thread mesh!

Meshy envelope earrings
Meshy envelope earrings

The envelope had arrived by post. I don’t really remember what was in it, but I remember feeling impatient while reading its contents because I wanted to use the envelope, highlighting its texture. πŸ˜€ And I’m not disappointed at all with the result.

How I made them

I cut an approximately 6cm x 9cm piece out of the envelope, placed it mesh-side up, and colored the surface yellow and maroon. You can also see lots of orange there that resulted from the blending of those two colors. Isn’t it beautiful?

A word of caution here — you might not want to use watercolors for this, just in case the threads get detached from the paper due to the water. Or if you do want to use watercolors, you could experiment on a small sample of the envelope first…

Anyway, after the surface was thoroughly dry, I cut out 3cm x 3cm squares out of it. I then rolled them up into cylinders, starting with one corner and rolling it in. Choosing to roll in a corner instead of an edge gives the cylinder a more interesting shape at the edges! πŸ˜‰

Meshy envelope earrings - closeupOf course, I applied a very small amount of glue at the outermost corner to make the structure hold. After the glue dried, I applied a whole lot of varnish, layer after layer after layer, waiting between applications to let the latest layer dry. I did this until the threads from the meshes appeared softer.

I then made them into earrings by threading wires into the cylinders, making large eye loops at both ends. I added the cylinders to earring findings, 3 per earring. To make them hang more freely, I also added jump rings to 2 cylinders (per earring) before attaching them to the findings.

What do you think of these?

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