Moth earrings

These earrings are one of my early jewelry-making experiments. I made these from some wrapping paper (I think.) They have absolutely no varnish on them, and are suited only for dry days.

Moth earrings

Moth earrings

I cut around 16 elongated-heart shapes from the wrapping paper — 8 for each earring. (You could just fold the paper a lot of times and cut them together, just like you do for cutting decorative shapes in paper streamers.) I started sticking each side of every shape to a side of the next shape. Finally, just before I closed the earring by gluing sides of the eighth and first shapes together, I stuck a long wire which I’d shaped into an eye-loop at the top. I made sure I added copious amounts of glue to the wire so it would stick. 😉

That’s it. Oh yeah, don’t forget to add an earring finding to the eye loop! 🙂


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