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More flowery earrings

Looks like I’ve become addicted to making flowery earrings. Or maybe I’m jumping into conclusions, because this is only my second flowery pair. 😀

Flowery earrings
Flowery earrings

I had this idea for a couple of days before I decided to start looking for suitable beads. And of course, these wonderful beads exceeded my expectations! 🙂

Making each earring is pretty simple. I cut a 7-8cm length of 22-gauge black wire, and bent about 1cm on one side for the top eye loop. I chose to make the eye loop in the end so I have greater flexibility, but you could choose to make it now. I then picked up 5 beads with horizontal holes in them, and strung them onto the wire. I bent the wire between each pair of beads to form the structure into a flowery shape. When I was mostly satisfied with how it looked, I wound the other end round the eye-loop end a few times, and snipped the extra wire. I then made the eye loop and snipped off the extra wire. Finally I added an earring finding to the eye loop.

The horizontal holes in the beads add an extra embellishment to the design by forming that pentagon in the center. That’s a bonus that I didn’t realize when I picked the beads, so when I saw how nice the flower looked, I was glad I picked them!

One possible improvement, though. The beads hang a little loosely, so the flowers look droopy sometimes. I couldn’t tighten the wire any more, so I’m not sure what the problem might be. I guess some sort of support might have helped, but hey, I can be lazy sometimes, and this was one of those times. 😛

I’d love to know if you try (or have tried) something like this!

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