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Swirly flowers on rocks

No, that’s not some kind of drink, it’s what I call these dangle earrings that I made.

Swirly flowers on rocks
Swirly flowers on rocks

I used 22-gauge dead soft wire for these earrings, and faceted black-gray granite beads. This how-to has been late in the making so I don’t really remember how long I cut the wire 😦 but I think some details are better than none at all, so here goes…

I ensured that for the ‘stalk’ of the flower, I also left enough wire free to go through the bead and to then make an eye loop. I then set up my wire jig to help create the ‘leaves’ of the flower, and started shaping them:

Wire jig instructionsI ended the shaping with a spiral that is the flower, which I used my round-nose pliers to make.

Then I strung the bottom of the bead into the stalk of the flower, pressing the flower against the bead with the right amount of stalk showing. I made an eye loop at the top, and snipped off the extra. I then added an earring finding to it.

For the other earring of the pair, I rotated the jig instructions to mirror the one shown in the picture, and made the flower spiral in the reverse direction too.

That’s it! How do you like these?

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